The 2013 IMC went into the IMC history books as a most enjoyable event: thanks everyone for participating!

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The 2013 International Meteor Conference will be held in Poznań, the capital of the western Poland. This conference will be organized by the Polish Comets and Meteors Workshop (CMW/PKiM) and will take place from 2013 August 22–25. This IMC will be closely connected with Meteoroids 2013 Conference organized a few days later in the same city. Such location of the IMC will help both amateurs and professionals to meet and exchange their scientific results. There are many traveling possibilities to reach Poznań; the city is very easy reachable for all European participants.

Participants will be accommodated in the IOR Congress Center, the modern hotel, conference and restaurant all-in-one facility. During the weekend the IMC participant will visit the Morasko Reservoir – a group of the large meteorite impact craters located north of Poznań and the meteorites exhibition with largest, 178 kg piece of Morasko meteorite, found in 2006.

IMC 2013 registration fee is €150 before 31 May 2013 and €165 after this date. Participants will be accommodated in double rooms. The registration deadline is 2013 July 31. The LOC can be contacted via email on imc2013@imo.net. This is the second time the IMC is organized in Poland. The previous was a successful IMC 2002 in Frombork. Hope to see you next time in Poland!

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