Proceedings status page

The 2013 IMC Proceedings Procedure:

Everybody who presented a lecture or a poster has been invited to deliver a paper either before or at the IMC, or else shorty afterwards, to ensure a timely production of the Proceedings. The editing procedure is as follows:

  • When a paper is received, it is checked for major issues (readability of the files, completeness, suitability/quality of the figures, adherence to the general instructions, etc.), after which the contact author will receive an acknowledgement of receipt together with a request for any additional items needed, if any.
  • A first editing of the paper is done by Paul Roggemans and Przemysław Żołądek. This may result in improving style and English language and minor corrections of content. If major corrections of content are required, expert advise will be sought, to be presented to the authors. Also, figures may be improved to obtain better quality in black-and-white printing. Finally, the paper will be put in the required LaTeX format, if not yet done so by the authors. The result of this first editing is then transferred to Marc Gyssens.
  • A final editing is done by Marc Gyssens. This may result in further improvements to the style and the English language as well as minor corrections of content not picked up during the first editing. Also, the (in principle) final layout is made. The proofs resulting from this final editing are then forwarded to the contact author.
  • The contact author is asked to proofread and approve the version sent to him or her. If something was unclear during the final editing process and/or if the editor deemed it necessary to make some minor corrections of content, the mail with the proofs will contain specific author queries regarding these issues. Answers to these author queries and corrections from the proofreading should be returned to Marc Gyssens at the contact author's earliest convenience. As usual with proofs, authors should avoid proposing changes that may affect the layout, to the extent possible. In some cases, the proposed changes may require a short email dialogue between the editor and the contact author. Marc Gyssens applies the author corrections and forwards the corrected version to his colleagues.
  • Paul Roggemans or Przemysław Żołądek proofread the paper again, and check the quality of the figures by test printing. Corrections/changes resulting from this are applied by Marc Gyssens, who prepares a preliminary camera-ready version of how the paper will appear in the Proceedings. This preliminary version will be put on-line.

Authors can follow the progress of the editing process in the table below. Each time one of the five stages above is finished, the date of completion will be entered in the corresponding column. Once the entire process is completed, authors can download the preliminary version by clicking on the title.

The editors will also prepare the front and back material, and, when all the papers are ready, Marc Gyssens will compile the Proceedings.

Suitable pictures taken at the 2013 IMC will be selected to be inserted under the articles, space permitting. The entire Proceedings will then be proofread one last time by a team of expert proofreaders not containing the editors. When their corrections are applied, the Proceedings will be put on-line and all participants at the 2013 IMC will receive an email containing the information required to access them.

In optimal circumstances we manage to do 3 papers per week. This means that, for the 67 papers presented at this IMC, we need at least 6 months to complete the Proceedings. Of course, all editors are volunteers, and other commitments may therefore interfere with this optimal scenario. Nevertheless, delays in the recent past were mainly due to late submission of papers.

The printed version of the Proceedings will be available at the 2014 IMC in Giron, France. All participants having requested a printed copy will receive their copy either at the 2014 IMC, if they are present, or, else, through a friend or colleague who is present, or, else, if no such person could be found, via mail.

The PDFs and all metadata of the papers including abstracts are uploaded to the ADS abstract service by Paul Roggemans.

IMC 2013 Proceedings - status page

(version 01 June 2014: 0 papers and 0 pages available in preview)

  Author(s) Type (link to PDF) Title (Link to preview PDF)
First editing ready
Final editing ready
Author approval
Proofread and online
S4.29 Bill Ward Lecture Geminid Fireballs with persistent Trains 30/03/2013 25/07/2013 05/01/2014 05/01/2014  
S7.43 Ireneusz Wlodarczyk Lecture Paths of risk of the potentially dangerous asteroid (99942) Apophis 16/07/2013 17/07/2013 05/01/2014 09/01/2014  
S2.18 Giancarlo Tomezzoli Lecture Progress on Radioastronomy in Munich (DE) 17/07/2013 02/09/2013      
P21 Krzysztof Wlodarczyk Poster 21 Orbit of the Chelyabinsk Meteoroid 29/07/2013 30/07/2013 05/01/2014 09/01/2014  
P19 Abderrahmane Ibhi Poster 19 Meteorite falls in Morocco 30/07/2013 13/08/2013      
P20 Abderrahmane Ibhi Poster 20 The Imilchil meteorite strewnfield (Isli-Agoudal) 30/07/2013 13/08/2013      
S1.10 Yevgen Kozyryev Lecture Video meteors observations in Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory - developed software and results. 31/07/2013 02/08/2013      
S2.19 Yevgen Kozyryev Lecture Radio meteors observations in Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory - developed software and results. 31/07/2013 13/08/2013      
S4.30 Vincent Perlerin Lecture AMS Fireball report 31/07/2013 13/08/2013      
S3.24 Maria Hajdukova Lecture Observed and real orbital dispersion within the meteor streams 07/08/2013 13/08/2013      
S1.7 P09 Ana & Tudor Georgescu Lecture& Poster 09 Romanian AllSky Network - basic deployment 09/08/2013 15/08/2013      
P07 Paul Roggemans Poster 07 BeNelux CAMS network Status July 2013 14/08/2013 19/08/2013      
S1.8 Richard Kacerek Lecture 1 year of United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network 17/08/2013 20/08/2013      
P08 Alex Tudorica Poster 08 The Romanian Video Meteor Network plan 18/08/2013 19/08/2013      
S1.6 Peter Brown Lecture CAMO- The Canadian Automated Meteor Observatory 19/08/2013 20/08/2013      
S1.2 Chris Peterson Lecture A New Sofware Application for Allsky Camera Networks 19/08/2013 20/08/2013      
S1.11 Chris Peterson Lecture Update on the Colorado Allsky Camera Network 19/08/2013 20/08/2013      
P11 Vladislav Leonov Poster 11 Theoretical view on meteor meteor streams and observational equipment for their study.
V.A. Leonov, A.V. Bagrov, G.T. Bolgova, A.P. Kartashova, S.V. Kryuchkov, and V.F. Mazurov
21/08/2013 04/09/2013      
S7.42 Ayyub Guliyev Lecture Analysis of MOID-values for Hyperbolic Comets 15 min 23/08/2013 16/10/2013      
S3.23 Zelijko Andreic Lecture The interesting case of iota Cygnids (525 ICY) 24/08/2013 02/09/2013      
P13 Joe Zender Poster 13 Spectrosopic airborne observations of the 2011 Draconids meteor shower outburst 02/09/2013 05/09/2013      
P23 Michael R.Hankey Poster 23 Meteor terminology 04/09/2013 06/09/2013      
S5.36 Detlef Koschny Lecture CILBO - A double-station meteor camera setup in the Canary Islands 12/09/2013 14/09/2013      
P01 Detlef Koschny Poster Orbit computation and visualisation using the Virtual Meteor Observatory 13/09/2013 14/09/2013      
S6.40 Alexander Bagrov Lecture Correct brightness estimations of optical meteors.
Bagrov A.V. and Leonov V.A.
13/09/2013 18/09/2013      
S2.17 Steyaert Chris Lecture The global radio eta Aquariids 2013 15/09/2013 18/09/2013      
S1.5 P25 Sirko Molau Lecture, poster Meteor showers identified from a million video meteors 16/09/2013 17/09/2013      
S1.4 Leonard Kornos Lecture EDMOND meteor database 17/09/2013 18/09/2013      
P22 Stanislav Kaniansky Poster 22 Atacama and meteorite crater Monturaqui 17/09/2013 18/09/2013      
P10 Pavel Zigo Poster 10 Preliminary title: Video Draconids 2012 (Co authors: Juraj Toth, Leos Kornos) 17/09/2013 18/09/2013      
S6.38 Elisabeth Silber Key Note Lecture Introduction to meteor infrasound 20/09/2013 21/09/2013      
S5.33 Jürgen Rendtel Key Note Lecture From rates to fluxes 22/09/2013 23/09/2013      
S2.16 Jean-Louis Rault Lecture Radio Meteor News 25/09/2013 27/09/2013      
S3.25 Galina Ryabova Lecture The Geminid stream modelling: lessons of history 29/09/2013 29/09/2013      
S1.9 Francisco Ocana Lecture Performance of Watec 910 HX camera for meteor observation 30/09/2013 01/10/2013      
P02 Francisco Ocana Poster 02 Meteor detection in wide-field survey telescopes (F.Ocana, J.D.Ponz, J. Zamorano) 30/09/2013 01/10/2013      
S2.21 Robert Wyrek Lecture The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) : System Overview and Recent Work 01/10/2013 02/10/2013      
S4.28 Przemysław Żołądek Lecture The greatest fireballs over Poland 01/10/2013 02/10/2013      
P14 Roman Piffl Poster 14 Lyrids - analyses of worldwide video data 07/10/2013 15/10/2013      
S3.26 P05 Damir Segon Lecture & Poster 05 "Meteor Shower Search in the CMN and Sonotaco Orbital Data Bases" Damir Segon, Peter Gural, Zeljko Andreic, Denis Vida, Ivica Skokic, Korado Korlevic, Filip Novoselnik 08/10/2013 16/10/2013      
S5.35 Denis Vida, Filip Novoselnik Lecture Meteor Stream Search for... amateurs 13/10/2013 25/10/2013      
S3.22 Abedin Abedin Lecture Meteoroid stream simulations at The University of Western Ontario 15/10/2013 16/10/2013      
P18 Zbigniew Tyminski Poster 18 Samples at Gamma Spectrometry Laboratory - Investigations of Specific Radioactivity. 16/10/2013 17/10/2013      
S6.39 Aswin Sekhar Lecture Effects of general relativity on meteoroid orbits 23/10/2013 24/10/2013 04/01/2014 05/01/2014  
S4.31 Michael R.Hankey Lecture AMS fireball program, community website, mobile app and all sky camera program 04/11/2013 04/11/2013      
P03 Stijn Calders Poster 03 BRAMS (Belgian Radio Meteor Stations) 12/11/2013 14/11/2013      
S1.14 Pavel Koten Lecture MAIA - new video system for automatic meteor observations 15/11/2013 16/11/2013      
S4.27 Jiri Borovicka Lecture The analysis of casual video records of fireballs. 15/11/2013 16/11/2013      
S7.45 Marcin Stolarz Lecture Chelyabinsk meteorites hunting, spring time expedition 01/12/2013 02/12/2013      
G.A. Paul Roggemans Lecture 25 years of IMO (1988-2013) 05/12/2013 06/12/2013      
P16 Anna Kartashova Poster 16 The eye witnesses interviews of the Chelyabinsk meteorite (A. Kartashova, O. Popova, P. Jenniskens, S. Korotkiy, V. Emel'yanenko, S. Khaibrakhmanov, A. Dudorov, E. Biryukov, D. Glazachev, I. Trubetskaya, I. Serdyuk) 17/12/2013 19/12/2013      
S7.46 Anna Kartashova Lecture Expedition to the field of the Chelyabinsk event (poster)
A. Kartashova, O. Popova, P. Jenniskens, V. Emel'yanenko, S. Khaibrakhmanov, A. Dudorov, E. Biryukov, D. Glazachev, I. Trubetskaya 
17/12/2013 19/12/2013      
S1.3 Jeremie Vaubaillon Lecture Update on the IMCCE meteor activities 17/01/2014 03/03/2014      
S1.1 Pete Gural Key Note Lecture Development of the Spectral CAMS System 31/01/2014 03/03/2014      
S5.34 Joe Zender Lecture The calibration of spectral video observations in the visual: an overview of the VIDAS calibration pipeline 17/02/2014 15/03/2014      
S2.15 Cis Verbeeck Key Note Lecture Introduction to radio meteor astronomy 18/04/2014        
P24 Jure Atanackov Poster 24 Light Pollution vs. Meteor Observations - A coming extinction? 08/05/2014        
S2.20 Johan Kero Lecture The relation of meteor head echo mass-velocity selection effects, shower mass distribution indices, and the mass threshold of the MU radar 18/05/2014        
S7.44 Nagatoshi Nogami Lecture Meteorites in Japan II Expected 15/09/2013        
S7.41 Shinsuke Abe Lecture Hayabusa Spacecraft Re-entry Expected 30/09/2013        
S7.47 Shinsuke Abe Lecture Chelyabinsk Meteorite Expected 30/09/2013        
S5.37 Geert Barentsen Lecture FluxViewer v1.0: real-time meteoroid fluxes from video data Expected 30/09/2013        
S1.13 François Colas Lecture FRIPON - the french fireball Network

Francois Colas, Brigitte Zanda, Sylvain Bouley, CHiara Marmot, Pierre venazza, Jerome gattacceca

Expected 30/09/2013        
S1.12 Peter Jenniskens Lecture Results from the CAMS meteoroid orbit survey Expected 31/10/2013        
S4.32 Pavel Spurny Lecture Interesting fireballs observed in the European Fireball Network from the last IMC Expected 31/10/2013