Local Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Comittee

Contact: imc2013@imo.net

The IMC 2013 Local Organizing Comittee consist of six people:

Mirosław Krasnowski – IMC 2013 Coordinator

Mirosław Krasnowski is a member of PKiM since 2003 and operator of the PFN05 video fireball station created in 2004. Since 2005 he attended six IMC's. As a person living in Poznan he became the IMC 2013 Coordinator.


Przemysław Żołądek – IMC 2013 Contact person

Przemysław Żołądek has joined PKiM during the 2002 leonid maximum. As a person responsible for the photographic observations he is specialized in automated photographic equipment, fisheye stations and other similar units. He developed software for meteor trajectory and orbit determination. PKiM director since 2007.Participant at seven IMC's


Mariusz Wiśniewski – LOC Member

One of the most experienced people in our group, PKiM member since 90's. He is a coordinator of the Polish Fireball Network. Mariusz is responsible for video equipment, CCTV station mainteance and for astrometrical reduction of wide video fields. He was a participant at thirteen IMC's since 1998 and was an IMC 2002 organizer.

Karol Fietkiewicz – LOC Member

Karol Fietkiewicz has joined PKiM in 2001. His main region of interest is the equipment and software for radio meteor detection. He is an operator of the PFN03 Zlotoklos video station.


Andrzej Skoczewski – LOC Member

PKiM member since early 90's, one of the most experienced visual observers. He helps to maintain the pkim.org webpage. Participant at one IMC

Maciej Maciejewski – LOC Member

Maciej is a PKiM member since 2007. He is an operator of the PFN32 Chelm fireball station. Currently he prepares the first PFN fisheye image intensifier.