Excursion to Morasko
The Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve, the only one of its kind in the world, can be found inside the Poznań city limits. Several craters formed from the impact of meteorites about 5,000 years ago are preserved here.

The largest of the seven craters on the reserve has a diameter of about 100 meters, and is about 11 meters deep. Five of the craters, including the largest, contain lakes.

In September 2006, Krzysztof Socha, a meteorite-hunter from Kielce and ex PKiM member, working for the Geology department of the city's Adam Mickiewicz University, uncovered with the aid of a metal detector a meteorite which, after the removal of the dirt which covered it, was found to weigh 164 kg. This is the largest meteorite yet discovered in Poland

Excursion - Institute of Geology  
All pieces of Morasko meteorite found by Krzysztof Socha and other people are stored in the Institute of Geology.

On the right – the biggest, 164kg piece of Morasko meteorite called