Bollmannsruh, Germany, October 3-6 2019


The 38th International Meteor Conference (IMC2019) of the IMO took place in Bollmannsruh, Germany from October 3rd to October 6th 2019.

The local organizers of the event were:

  • Rainer Arlt,
  • André Knöfel,
  • Sirko Molau,
  • Ina Rendtel,
  • Jürgen Rendtel and
  • Roland Winkler

99 participants from 27 countries attended the conference.

A report on the IMC 2019 can be found in WGN: December 2019 (47:6) (PDF).

The IMC2019 Proceedings (ISBN 978-2-87355-033-2) has 193 pages and was edited by Urška Pajer, Jürgen Rendtel, Marc Gyssens, and Cis Verbeeck.

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