Visual Meteor Database (VMDB)

Whenever you use the data for analyses, please do not forget to mention the source of the data in any publication.
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The VMDB contains about 3,000,000 meteors obtained by standardized observing methods which were collected during the last ~25 years. The actual database is stored in dBase format; extracts in ASCII format can be downloaded here.


Rate dataMagnitude dataLast update
RATE_82.TXT (2KB)MAGN_82.TXT (0KB)2010-01-07
RATE_83.TXT (1KB)MAGN_83.TXT (0KB)2010-01-07
RATE_84.TXT (24KB)MAGN_84.TXT (12KB)2010-01-07
RATE_85.TXT (141KB)MAGN_85.TXT (0KB)2010-01-07
RATE_86.TXT (193KB)MAGN_86.TXT (116KB)2010-01-07
RATE_87.TXT (123KB)MAGN_87.TXT (47KB)2010-01-07
RATE_88.TXT (473KB)MAGN_88.TXT (464KB)2010-01-07
RATE_89.TXT (420KB)MAGN_89.TXT (459KB)2010-01-07
RATE_90.TXT (327KB)MAGN_90.TXT (602KB)2010-01-07
RATE_91.TXT (403KB)MAGN_91.TXT (727KB)2010-01-07
RATE_92.TXT (351KB)MAGN_92.TXT (615KB)2010-01-07
RATE_93.TXT (724KB)MAGN_93.TXT (913KB)2010-01-07
RATE_94.TXT (416KB)MAGN_94.TXT (693KB)2010-01-07
RATE_95.TXT (558KB)MAGN_95.TXT (1105KB)2010-01-07
RATE_96.TXT (686KB)MAGN_96.TXT (1055KB)2010-01-07
RATE_97.TXT (851KB)MAGN_97.TXT (1313KB)2010-01-07
RATE_98.TXT (1095KB)MAGN_98.TXT (1500KB)2010-01-07
RATE_99.TXT (1954KB)MAGN_99.TXT (1874KB)2010-01-07
RATE_00.TXT (1123KB)MAGN_00.TXT (1328KB)2010-01-07
RATE_01.TXT (1787KB)MAGN_01.TXT (1958KB)2010-01-07
RATE_02.TXT (1172KB)MAGN_02.TXT (1345KB)2010-01-07
RATE_03.TXT (304KB)MAGN_03.TXT (536KB)2010-01-07
RATE_04.TXT (1235KB)MAGN_04.TXT (1805KB)2010-01-07
RATE_05.TXT (633KB)MAGN_05.TXT (1031KB)2010-01-07
RATE_06.TXT (477KB)MAGN_06.TXT (822KB)2010-01-07
RATE_07.TXT (411KB)MAGN_07.TXT (744KB)2010-01-07
RATE_08.TXT (107KB)MAGN_08.TXT (104KB)2011-08-03
RATE_09.TXT (348KB)MAGN_09.TXT (495KB)2011-08-03
RATE_10.TXT (501KB)MAGN_10.TXT (769KB)2011-08-03
RATE_11.TXT (421KB)MAGN_11.TXT (615KB)2012-06-06
Rate dataMagnitude dataLast update
RATE_82.DBF (4KB)MAGN_82.DBF (1KB)2010-01-07
RATE_83.DBF (3KB)MAGN_83.DBF (1KB)2010-01-07
RATE_84.DBF (37KB)MAGN_84.DBF (13KB)2010-01-07
RATE_85.DBF (185KB)MAGN_85.DBF (1KB)2010-01-07
RATE_86.DBF (250KB)MAGN_86.DBF (120KB)2010-01-07
RATE_87.DBF (165KB)MAGN_87.DBF (49KB)2010-01-07
RATE_88.DBF (581KB)MAGN_88.DBF (478KB)2010-01-07
RATE_89.DBF (566KB)MAGN_89.DBF (473KB)2010-01-07
RATE_90.DBF (429KB)MAGN_90.DBF (620KB)2010-01-07
RATE_91.DBF (518KB)MAGN_91.DBF (759KB)2010-01-07
RATE_92.DBF (472KB)MAGN_92.DBF (636KB)2010-01-07
RATE_93.DBF (1009KB)MAGN_93.DBF (987KB)2010-01-07
RATE_94.DBF (576KB)MAGN_94.DBF (736KB)2010-01-07
RATE_95.DBF (736KB)MAGN_95.DBF (1174KB)2010-01-07
RATE_96.DBF (935KB)MAGN_96.DBF (1123KB)2010-01-07
RATE_97.DBF (1138KB)MAGN_97.DBF (1395KB)2010-01-07
RATE_98.DBF (1507KB)MAGN_98.DBF (1593KB)2010-01-07
RATE_99.DBF (2768KB)MAGN_99.DBF (1990KB)2010-01-07
RATE_00.DBF (1554KB)MAGN_00.DBF (1420KB)2010-01-07
RATE_01.DBF (2552KB)MAGN_01.DBF (2093KB)2010-01-07
RATE_02.DBF (1687KB)MAGN_02.DBF (1438KB)2010-01-07
RATE_03.DBF (467KB)MAGN_03.DBF (697KB)2010-01-07
RATE_04.DBF (1733KB)MAGN_04.DBF (1943KB)2010-01-07
RATE_05.DBF (877KB)MAGN_05.DBF (1109KB)2010-01-07
RATE_06.DBF (640KB)MAGN_06.DBF (885KB)2010-01-07
RATE_07.DBF (537KB)MAGN_07.DBF (801KB)2010-01-07
RATE_08.DBF (150KB)MAGN_08.DBF (112KB)2011-08-03
RATE_09.DBF (473KB)MAGN_09.DBF (533KB)2011-08-03
RATE_10.DBF (668KB)MAGN_10.DBF (828KB)2011-08-03
RATE_11.DBF (571KB)MAGN_11.DBF (663KB)2012-06-06

VMDBRAD.TXT (14 KB) - the radiant catalog. (2012-01-17)

VMDBPERS.TXT (584 KB) - translating IMO observer codes into names. (2012-06-06)

VMDBSITE.TXT (301 KB) - translating IMO sitecodes into geographical coordinates. (2012-06-06)

Description of the data

  • VMDBRAD.TXT: All showers mentioned in the rate and magnitude files are stored. Note that this file contains many more showers than the current IMO working list. The field "Shw" stores the three-letter code of each radiant as it is referenced in the rate and magnitude data. Dates of activity period and maximum are given in British format (DD/MM). "Alpha" and "Delta" are the radiant position and refer to the date of maximum; the radiant position at other dates can be obtained by the daily motion "dAlpha" and "dDelta". "V" is the geocentric (pre-atmospheric) velocity of the stream, "r" is the population index. "TeX-Name" gives the TeX transcription of the shower name.

  • VMDBSITE.TXT: All observing sites known to the VMDB are listed. This file is not necessary for the rate and magnitude data where the site coordinates are given to a precision of one decimal place. The site file stores coordi- nates in degree-minute-second format with additional fields for E/W and N/S resp. "TeX-Name" gives the TeX-typesetting of the name of the location.

  • VMDBPERS.TXT: All observer codes appearing in the rate and magnitude files are listed here. "TeX-Name" and "TeX-Firstname" give the TeX-typesetting of the observer's names.

  • RATE_xx.TXT: These files are available per year where the year replaces the "xx". Activity levels of meteor showers can be calculated from these files. The meteor numbers list the sporadics first, followed by the abbreviation of the first shower and its corresponding number of meteors.

    You will notice a shower 'DIV' which comprises a number of radiants not resolved during the observation (mainly used for Aquarids). This way the sporadic rate is cleaned of other sources. Note: The date of each record refers to the start time of the period. All times are UT. Solar longitudes refer to equinox 2000.0.

  • MAGN_xx.TXT: These files are available per year where the year replaces the "xx". The population index r and, hence, the mass index can be calculated from these files. The records are sorted by shower name, date and solar longitude.

    Note: The date of each record refers to the middle of the period. It is rounded to the next day when the middle of the period is after noon. A record as
    DD=12, MM=08 and TTTT-TTTT=2100-2300 (middle 2200)
    means the actual observation taking place on August 11 in the evening.
    DD=12, MM=08 and TTTT-TTTT=0100-0300 (middle 0200)
    means the morning hours of August 12. An observation with
    DD=12, MM=08 and TTTT-TTTT=1100-1300 (middle 1200)
    was made on August 12 at noon, however, a record with
    DD=12, MM=08 and TTTT-TTTT=1100-1400 (middle 1230)
    represents an observations on August 11 in the afternoon.

    Remember that this is only valid for magnitude files. The reason for this convention is historic. In files prior to 1991 you will find quite a number of records without a TTTT-TTTT value. At this time only the date of the magnitude distribution was stored. As a consequence, the date had to be that of the nearest 0h-UT. Moreover, no sitecode was stored for a number of magnitude distributions. All times are UT. Solar longitudes refer to 2000.0. If no TTTT-TTTT value was available, the solar longitude was calculated using 0h UT.

Some records have no geographical coordinates of the location. These locations must be retraced in the corresponding rate file.


It is a tremendous work to maintain a database of such comprehensiveness. Several amateur astronomers have contributed to the VMDB, either entering data or introducing the standards. If you encounter any inconsistency in the data, do not hesitate to let us know. If you encounter a mis-spelled name of an observer or location drop a message too.