WGN 48:2 April 2020 – Front-Cover Photo: Brilliant fireball shot through the aurora at 02h08m AKDT (10h08m UT) on 2020 March 13, from Copper Center, Alaska, USA. Image courtesy: Todd Salat / AuroraHunter.com

The April 2020 issue of the IMO Journal is now in print. It will be mailed shortly and subscribers can also immediately access the journal in PDF format.

The contents this month:

  • Twenty-Ninth International Meteor Conference, Poroszl´o, Hungary, 2020 September 17–20 by Akos Kereszturi
  • Meteor shower output caused by comet 15P/Finlay by J. Vaubaillon, A. Egal, J. Desmars and K. Bailli
  • Three components of ‘Taurids’ II by Masahiro Koseki
  • A brief pre-maximum peak in the Quadrantids 2020 by Jürgen Rendtel and Hirofumi Sugimoto
  • Distribution of sporadic meteor background from 40-years old radar observations by Peter Zimnikoval, Daniel Ocenas, Miroslav Znasik, Juraj Skvarka, Jan Fabricius and Stanislav Kaniansky

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