WGN 48:1 february 2020
Front cover photo: Perseid fireball captured on 2016 August 11 from Kolob, Utah, USA. Photo courtesy: David Whalen.

The February 2020 issue of the IMO Journal is now in print. It will be mailed shortly and subscribers can also immediately access the journal in PDF format.

The contents this month:

  • Janus (C. Verbeeck)
  • Letter – The CMN catalogue of orbits updated (Croatian Meteor Network)
  • A Head Echo Doppler Model for Assessment of Meteoroid Forward Scatter Characteristics (M. T. German)
  • Limitations of the observability of radio meteor head echoes in a forward scatter setup (W. Kaufmann)
  • Results of the IMO Video Meteor Network — November 2018 (S. Molau, S. Crivello, R. Goncalves, C. Saraiva, E. Stomeo, J. Strunk, J. Kac)
  • Was Mithras “born” from a meteorite? (J. T. Sibley)

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