WGN 46:6 december 2018
Front cover photo: Fireball over Topaz Lake, CA, photographed on 2014 December 13.
Photo courtesy: Jeff Sullivan.

The December 2018 issue of the IMO Journal is now in print. It will be mailed shortly and subscribers can also immediately access the journal in PDF format. The contents this month:

  • From the Treasurer — IMO Membership/WGN Subscription Renewal for 2019 (M. Gyssens)
  • Eta Virginids (EVI) four year cycle (Y. Shiba)
  • A Search Method for Meteor Radiants (L.S. Amaral, C.A.P.B. Bella, L.S. Trindade, M.L.P.V. Zurita, G.G. Silva, M.W.S. Domingues, R.C. Poltronieri, C.J.L. Faria, C.F. Jung)
  • Forward Scattering : an interesting formula to calculate the velocity of a meteoroid that generates a head echo (P. Ernotte)
  • Visualizing sporadic meteor radiants and their dynamics by radio forward scattering (W. Kaufmann)
  • Results of the IMO Video Meteor Network — January 2018 (S. Molau, S. Crivello, R. Goncalves, C. Saraiva, E. Stomeo, J. Strunk, J. Kac)
  • A History of Meteor Reports in The Astronomer magazine: part 3 1990–1999 (T. Heywood)

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