The April 2018 issue of the IMO Journal is now in print. It will be mailed shortly and subscribers can also immediately access the journal in PDF format. The contents this month:

  • News from the IMO Council (C. Verbeeck)
  • Erratum: The Efficiency of Cameras for Video Meteor Observation – A theoretical contribution and a
    practical comparison between the Watec 120N+ and the Sony α7S
  • Infrasound observations of bright meteors: the fundamentals (E.A. Silber)
  • First simultaneous radiometric and video observations of fireballs using a low-cost radiometer (D. Segon, D. Vida, M. Butkovic, M. Malaric, R. Turcinov)
  • First results of a Raspberry Pi based meteor camera system (D. Vida, M. J. Mazur, D. Segon, D. Zubovic, P. Kukic, F. Parag, A. Macan)
  • A new meteor shower, the Alpha Aquariids (#927:AAQ) (Y. Shiba, C. Shimoda, K. Maeda, SonotaCo, T. Sekiguchi, K. Yoneguchi, H. Kawakami, T. Miyoshi, H. Yamakawa, S. Okamoto, H. Muroishi, T. Masuzawa, T. Kamimura)
  • Visually estimating directions of meteors from static images: Possible or not? (A. Buchmann, S. Meister, M. Dubs)
  • February Hydrids outburst (IAU#1032, FHY) (P. Jenniskens, C. Johannink, N. Moskovitz)
WGN 46-2 cover
Front cover photo:
Lyrid Fireball of 2015 April 21 from Ližnjan, Croatia. Photo courtesy: Marko Korošec.

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