The February 2018 issue of the IMO Journal is now in print. It will be mailed shortly and subscribers can also immediately access the journal in PDF format. The contents this month:

  • Janus (C. Verbeeck)
  • Announcement: Visual Workshop, Pezinok-Modra, Slovakia, August 29–30, 2018 (C. Verbeeck)
  • Announcement: Spectroscopic Workshop, Pezinok-Modra, Slovakia, August 29–30, 2018 (R. Rudawska, J. Tóth)
  • Time perception of a meteorite fall (A. Egal, K. Veljkovic, J. Vaubaillon, M.-K. Kwon, V. Perlerin, M. Hankey, F. Colas, W. Thuillot)
  • The Efficiency of Cameras for Video Meteor Observation – A theoretical contribution and a practical comparison between the Watec 120N+ and the Sony α7S (P.C. Slansky)
  • Polish Fireball Network: Video Meteor Astrometry (M. Wiśniewski, P. Żołądek, A. Olech, W. Jonderko)
  • About the mass and magnitude distributions of meteor showers (J. Richter)
  • Visualizing meteor streams by radio forward scattering on the basis of meteor head echoes (W. Kaufmann)
  • Results of the IMO Video Meteor Network — July 2017, and effective collection area continued (S. Molau, S. Crivello, R. Goncalves, C. Saraiva, E. Stomeo, J. Kac)

Front cover photo:
Aurora and Geminid Fireball over Lovozero Lake, Murmansk, Russia. Photo courtesy: Yang Sutie.

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