The June 2016 issue of the IMO Journal is now in print. It will be mailed shortly and subscribers can also immediately access the journal in PDF format. The contents this month:

  • The International Meteor Conference 2016 experience (M. Moreno-Ibáñez)
  • Thirty-Sixth International Meteor Conference, Petnica, Serbia, September 21–24, 2017 (D. Pavlović, S. Todorović, M. Živanović, N. Božić)
  • Kappa Cygnid rate variations over 41 years (J. Rendtel, R. Arlt)
  • Strong return of the December α-Bootids (P. Jenniskens)
  • Central European MetEor NeTwork: Current status and future activities (J. Srba, J. Koukal, M. Ferus, L. Lenža, S. Gorková, S. Civiš, J. Simon, T. Csorgei, M. Jedlička, M. Korec, S. Kaniansky, J. Polák, M. Spurný, T. Brázdil, J. Mäsiar, M. Zima, P. Delinčák, M. Popek, V. Bahýl, R. Piffl, M. Čechmánek)
  • Taurid swarm exists only in southern branch (STA) (Y. Shiba)
  • Results of the IMO Video Meteor Network — January 2016 (S. Molau, S. Crivello, R. Goncalves, C. Saraiva, E. Stomeo, J. Kac)

Front cover image: Fireball on 2016 June 2 from Pico de la Gorra (Gran Canaria, Spain). Photo courtesy: Pedro Pérez Corujo.

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