On September 20 evening, at 10h 31min UT (20:31 AEST), a very bright fireball and related sonic boum were observed, heared and video recorded over Northern Tasmania, Australia. The International Meteor Organization did not receive a lot of reports, althought the meteor event was dramatic, according to videos.

Video recordings show the impressive event: a very bright fireball was widely spotted and heard over Southern Victoria and Tasmania on September 20, 2019, at 20:31 AEST (which is 10h 41min UT). Many witnesses reported hearing a loud sonic boum looking like thunder tens of seconds after the meteor was observed, which means parts of the meteoroid survived until low altitudes in the atmosphere. It was also recorded in infrasound by the CTBTO infrasonic array.

Many reports available on Australian Meteor Reports FaceBook group : if you observed it, please report online!

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