Between 2005 and 2014, the number of IMO Members/WGN Subscribers rose from 192 to 299. The reason for this evolution is probably complex. The growing interest in meteor astronomy has certainly been a factor. However, we may not underestimate the impact of an admin tool that became available in 2005, and which modernized membership administration dramatically. For example, it became much easier to send regular email reminders to those who failed to renew, and fewer of them “dropped out”.

In recent years, however, the number of IMO Members/WGN Subscribers has stabilized around 290, and a “glass ceiling” seemed to have been reached. Therefore, we are happy to report that, thanks to the new IMO website created by Mike Hankey and Vincent Perlerin, with Karl Antier as webmaster, this ceiling has been breached: the new website has obviously sparked a lot of new enthusiasm – and with that also new members. On July 4, the number of IMO Members/WGN Subscribers reached the level of 300, and has meanwhile passed it!

We thank all IMO Members/WGN Subscribers who made this possible!

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