Satellite debris reentry have been observed and filmed from Southern UK and Normandy (France) on October, 2nd, 2016, between 18h42 and 18h45 UT.

IMO Event#3712-2016 – Heatmap of witnesses of the CubeSat Flock 2B 2 satellite debris reentry over the Channel

They were probably linked to the CubeSat Flock 2B 2 (NORAD 40951), which was planned to reentry a few hours later South of Australia, but which was just over the Channel on October 2nd, 2016, at 18h43 UT, when the reentry was spotted. The reentry was filmed by the Wiltshire video stations of the UKMon video network, as well as by Patrick Sogorb, in Savigny-le-Temple.

Image of the video capture of the first part of the Flock 2B 2 debris reentry as filmed from Savigny-le-Temple. Credit: Patrick Sogorb.

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