VISDAT is a system for recording and evaluating visual meteor observations. The first version was developed in 1991 by Thomas Rattei and later by Janko F. Richter (both Astroclub Radebeul e.V. Germany). Key features of VISDAT are:

  • Recording of plottings,reportings, countings
  • Measurement of meteor positions by ruler, scanner, graphical tablet
  • Import of X-Y-Coordinates from external ASCII-File
  • Reporting of visual observations as suggested by IMO
  • Shower association by IMO standard
  • Changing the shower association criteria for special analyses (for instance determination of background noise)
  • Converting reported observations into other formats like POSDAT/VMDB
  • Archive observations
  • Browse and edit databases including radiant, observer and site databases
  • Some evaluations like average ZHRs
  • Direct access to databases via dBase commands
  • Support of program RADIANT by Rainer Arlt

(author Janko F. Richter/T. Rattei)