The IMO Meteor Shower Calendar 2007 is now available on the web. The year looks set to be one of two unequal parts, with chiefly poorly-placed shower peaks through to the end of July, then a lot of virtually moonless shower maxima till mid December. The major Perseids and Geminids come off especially well, along with the possible Draconid epoch and Orionid maximum in October, the Taurids and Leonids in November, and most of the cluster of minor showers in early December.

It contains the revised Working List of Visual Meteor Showers as published in WGN 34:3 last June. Please use this revised list for your reports starting from January 2007. For the remainder of this year, we’ll continue using the Working List from the 2006 Shower Calendar.

Update: Russian translation now available! Thanks Mikhail. We’re still looking for people to translate the calendar to other languages. If you’re interested, please let us know.

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