The International Meteor Organization (IMO) held the 29th annual International Meteor Conference (IMC) in Armagh from 16 till 19 September, 2010. Around 130 amateur and professional astronomers presented and discussed their meteor-related activities! The conference was organized by the Armagh Observatory, which was founded in 1790 and has a long tradition in meteor research.
Most talks which were presented at the IMC can now be downloaded in PDF format from the schedule page.

Organizing Committee (Armagh Observatory):
Apostolos Christou (chair), David Asher, Mark Bailey, Tom Barclay, Geert Barentsen, Joachim Bestenlehner, Colin Folsom, Tobias Hinse, John McFarland, Aileen McKee, Naslim Neelamkodan, Alison Neve, Miruna Popescu, Kamalam Vanninathan, Shenghua Yu. Contact: imc2010 (at)