IMO Event #3124-2018
IMO Event #3124-2018 recorded by PRISMA Network (Italy) –

Over 100 fireball reports from 5 countries

The IMO has received over 100 reports so far about of a fireball event seen above the Adriatic Sea on August 18th, 2018 around 20:55 CEST (18:55 Universal Time). The fireball was seen primarily from Italy but was also reported from France, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

If you witnessed this event and/or if you have a video or a photo of this event, please
Submit an Official Fireball Report

Also available in Italian, Slovenian, German and French.

The Italian camera network PRISMA caught the event on at least two cams: one in Capua (Southern Italy) and one in Trieste (near the Slovenian border).



  • Me and my sister saw a ball of light…yellowish orange in color…about 3 weeks apart in the same location from our porch in monroeville Alabama.
    It appeared to be pretty close to the ground.
    Underneath the clouds because it’s a cloudy night and you can’t see the stars.
    I’ve done a lot of research and can’t find anything similar.
    What could it be?

    Reply to Buzz Corley
  • I was driving with my husband on I90 in Washington state, going westbound and saw a pretty large green mass outlined in red moving in a downward arc across the sky. It happened so fast and seemed to disappear into the surrounding mountains. It was amazing! I have been looking up possible explanations and found your site so I thought I’d write about it.

    Reply to Mary Jane Gearhart
  • I was just outside in my backyard, time was about 1am when I saw a flashing twinkling light, the light began to move slowly, I looked at another star close by to see if it was moving closer to it and I wasn’t seeing things! it was moving towards the star and it was moving up and across the sky, it began moving quicker but then began to flash like 3 little lights together and continued moving across the sky flashing out of sight. Was very interesting couldn’t take my eyes off it!

    Reply to Talicia
    • It was most likely a high altitude airliner, given your description of the object.

      Fireballs/ meteors move incredibly quickly across the sky, and are usually gone within 1 to 10 seconds. A few are visible for longer, and can often be traced right down to the ground. The particularly big one near Chelyabinsk, which caused so much damage in Russia, a few years ago was visible for that kind of duration.
      There are plenty of real-time videos of the Russian event on Youtube, which are easy to find if you search for ‘Chelyabinsk Meteor’ or similar terms. They will give you a good idea about what to look for, especially the sort of velocity to expect. The vast majority are less spectacular, and less dangerous, than that one, but they are still memorable experiences.

      Reply to Richard
  • At approx. 02:30 a.m., I was absolutely stunned to discover a huge, bright, round, dense object in the sky. It did not move; however, after a few minutes it changed its shape and was now an object with a “straight line” with 1[one] light on each end, I believe one light was green and the other may have been yellow or red.

    Approx. two[2] months ago, at approx. 02:00 a.m., I was shocked to see a large, bright object in the sky. In did not appear to move. I grabbed my binoculars; however, was not able to obtain a steady shot. The object appeared to have some sort of light structure within, which was moving in different directions. This object “flew” away. My son was a witness to this event. This also occurred on a couple more occasions.

    Reply to El
  • I just witnessed an amazing occurrence. At approximately 12am UK time on Sun 23 Dec 2018, I came to get some water for my boys who were at the local mosque in Rochdale, UK. On my return looking up at the window and the dome of the mosque I saw an awesome white light travel in a western direction with magnificent speed. I’ve seen satellites and shooting stars before, this phenomenon was too close to be any of them. Its height was approx. The same as a low flying plane.

    Reply to Jamshed
  • At around 10:43 05/20/2019I was laying in bed looking out towards my window, and see what look to be a fireball it’s so crazy and a Wooooo did I just see that. I called out to my daughter to see. There was a trail from the sky were it just disappeared…. ???

    Reply to Sofia
  • Last night the 22nd of May I was in my garden approx 23.30hr.
    I witnessed a fast moving blue white shape moving very fast then it dissapeared. This was in the UK in newark Nottinghamshire.

    Reply to Nichola
  • 9-5-19 I was working third shift @ 2:30 am when I was outside our plant and seen a fireball falling from the sky. It was orange, yellow and blue. Moving @ a very fast pace. It was not coming straight down it was diagonal. And very big. Went into a area with a lot of trees. Very cool but kinda scary.

    Reply to Lisa West
  • Me and my boy just saw a greenish blueish light. First we saw it curve one way then disappear and then we saw it again a little farther away from the first sighting but this time it was going straight to the ground and disappear before it got to the ground. It was very fast, you could only see it for haft a second. We only saw it 2 times and didn’t see it again. Just to mention me and him were drive about 60mph or more on the freeway ( I don’t know how fast we were going cuz he was the one driving)

    Reply to Brooklyn
    • Just to add this greenish blue light was pretty small, not as big as the ones in videos you see. It was about 9:46pm when me and my boyfriend saw this ( we both saw it). I didn’t really see the first one (when it was curving) but I saw the light when it was going to the ground. We were going down Bangerter highway and 7800th south. We saw it to the west of us (we were going north).

      Reply to Brooklyn
  • On 11th February while I was running in the morning around 5:00a.m, I saw a orangish-red thing falling from the sky, also a lightening sort of thing occurred at the same time, making a day like brightness.This took place at India, Gurugram.

    Reply to Akshansh
  • Driving on I-140 in Knoxville Tennessee travelling northwest at approx. 2:15-2:30 Eastern. Both of us in the car saw a diagonal row of two (at least ) small green lights move from above slanted left to right move at a rate of speed faster than an object would fall. It didnt appear to be a crash they just disappeared somewhere in the ground.

    Reply to Cait E
  • This is from early Sept 1978! On a Sunday evening at 6.45 PM, (daylight till 8 PM) I went out to my convertible car to put the soft top roof back on. It had been a fine sunny day. As I stood to begin the process at the drivers door, I was surprised to see in the sky, an incredibly bright white light. It was at about 50°to 55° elevation and in the South East sector and i thought it to be about 6 miles away over Worth Forest hills. I initially dismissed it as an airliner nosecone light and carried on putting the soft top back on. However as I worked my way round the car fixing the poppers, I noticed the light was fixed in exactly the same place and in any case i had never seen an aircraft approach from that direction in 15 years of living there. I fixed the relative position of the light by using the top branches of an ancient Oak tree some 400 metres distant. I kept returning to my start position to check if it had moved. The light stayed stationary for about 18 minutes, i sat on the bonnet of my car watching it constantly and was on the very instant of going back to the house to get my family to come out to see it, when as I watched, it shot across the sky from stationary at an incredible speed in a straight line and disappeared in the distance slightly to the west of where Gatwick Airport lies. Difficult to judge, but i would say it covered 10 or 12 miles in a split second, had i looked away i would never have known what happened, only that it had gone. This was in 3 Bridges, Crawley, West Sussex near Gatwick Airport. I was sure it would have been seen by someone else as well, but there were no reports in the weekly local newspaper. Could it have been a Boleto??
    As an aside, I have seen an additional 9 unexplained lights incidents during my life, some in daylight, some when dark, some at dusk. Some, I can think could have a logical explanation, but others seem beyond that. Can tell of others if anyone wants to know.

    Reply to Rob Easton

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