On 27 May 2020 around 17:35 UTC (20:35 TRT) people from Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia were witnesses to a spectacular fireball.

The trajectory which was computed based on the IMO reports indicates that the event flew from West to East above northern Turkey and ended above Armenia.


The IMO reports with computed trajectory for the fireball from 27. May 2020.

AMS/IMO has received only 3 witness reports so far. Let’s change that!

If you witnessed one of these event and/or if you have a video or a photo of this event, please

Submit an Official Fireball Report
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The event could also be recorded by infrasound stations. In the waveforms of four stations of the International Monitoring System of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation a signature of the fireball could be identified, as tweeted by Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the CTBTO:

We were able to calculate a source energy of the entering asteroid of about 100 t TNT. With an assumed the velocity of 15 km/s and density of 3000 kg/m3 the size would be around 1.3 m diameter, with a mass of about 3.6 t!

Size comparison of the Turkey asteroid.

Size comparison of the fireball from 27. May 2020

If you want to learn more about Fireballs: read our Fireball FAQ.


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