fireball spain
Large fireball seen in Spain on July 26th, 22:35 UT. Credit: SMART

An impressive fireball from asteroidal origin was registered during the July, 26-27 night over the skies of the Spanish cities of Toledo and Madrid. Detectors located at the observatory of Calar Alto (Almería) and La Hita (Toledo), both included in the Spectroscopy of Meteoroids in the Atmosphere with Robotic Technologies project (SMART), registered this event on July 26th at 22h 35min UT (Universal Time).

José María Madiedo, researcher from the universidad de Huelva (UHU), has pointed out that the meteoroid which produced such fireball entered the Earth’s atmosphere at approximately 54 000 km/h (15 km/s), starting being luminous at around 80 km altitude and disappearing 45 km over the surface.

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