The third in a row of workshops organized by Europlanet will take place Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August 2022 at the University of Glasgow. There will be a continuation of the discussion of common entry points for fireball data and a continuation of the discussion of lunar impact flashes. The workshop will introduce discussion topics of meteorite recovery – which will benefit from its timely connection to the yearly meeting of the Meteoritical Society. It will also continue the topic of machine learning.

More information.

This is the third workshop of the series, and its main topics are:

  • continue discussing and exploring the possibilities of a common entry point to all data, reports on recent activities;
  • continue discussing Lunar impact flashes, observation networks and software;
  • Introduce topics of meteorite recovery, strewn field estimation and dark flight calculation;
  • continue discussing and identifying machine learning science cases for fireball observations.



  • Hi,
    I believe the fireball workshop is the 13th and 14th August 2022, just before a major pro conference being held in Glasgow.
    I don’t know what the fees are but I think it’ll be open to non members and amateur astronomers as EuroPlanet welcomes amateur astronomers.
    I’ve recently joined and there is a specific category for amateur astronomers.

    Reply to Bill Ward

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