Telescopic Observations

It is a often-quoted fallacy that observing meteors through telescopes and binoculars is a waste of time. Authors cite the narrow field of view as not conducive to viewing meteors. Not only can watching telescopic meteors be fun, but the technique has some advantages and complements visual observing. The telescopic observer sees meteors fainter than those recorded by the unaided eye, and can plot meteor paths more accurately. These in turn open up new areas of research. The knowledge that can accrue is explained in Science from Telescopic Meteors.

The IMO Telescopic Commission collates and analyses telescopic data obtained worldwide; its reports appear in WGN. The Commission offers plotting charts, information and advice for potential and active observers.

Where to send telescopic meteor observations

Reports of telescopic meteor observations should be sent to the Director of the Telescopic Commission:

Malcolm Currie 25 Collett Way, Grove, Wantage, Oxfordshire OX12 0NT United Kingdom