The 2011 International Meteor Conference (IMC) of the International Meteor Organization (IMO) took place in Sibiu, Romania, from September 15th to 18th. This 30th edition of IMC was organized by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM), the national astronomical society of Romania. During its 18 years of existence, the SARM organized many national and international events. This is the already the second IMC organized by the SARM; the first one was the 2000 IMC hosted in Pucioasa. IMC 2000 held the record for the number of the participants till IMC 2010.

120 participants (professional and amateur astronomers) from 24 countries attended the IMC 2011.

The history of the IMC tradition can be found on IMO website.

IMC 2011 is on Facebook, too.

Most talks which were presented at the IMC can now be downloaded in PDF format from the schedule page.

Your feedback
Please, send your impressions as participant at IMC 2011 here.

A cultural-humanist vision about the IMC 2011 can be seen at


IMC 2011 Organizing Committee (SARM):
Valentin Grigore (chair), Florentina Ileșan, Cătălin Stan, Alexandru Sebastian Grigore, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Advisers (IMO):
Paul Roggemans, Marc Gyssens, Geert Barentsen, Casper ter Kuile

Organizational Support Team (SARM):
Mădălina Stancu, Andra Sora, Andrei Matache, Mihai Stoica, Răzvan Ciubotaru, Andrei Bălan, Florin Stancu, Cristian Daniel Grigore, Alexandru Spoială, Alexandru Gabriel Tudor, Mihai Verzea, Costi Movileanu, Pompiliu Alexandru

Local Organizational Team (Sibiu):
Florin Stănescu, Alexandru Muntean, Silviu Costin, Valentin Mocanu

Luc Bastiaens, Alexandru Sebastian Grigore, Valentin Grigore

imc2011 (at) (at)

Before IMC

IMC 2011 Newsleter No. 3 Here you can see the last IMC 2011 Newsletter with useful information for IMC 2011 participants. A PDF variant is available here. Print it and take it with you!

Final Schedule
The final variant of the IMC 2011 program is online. Please, check the lectures and posters to see if your contribution is included. Provide your presentation in time to be included on the conference computer. LOC member responsible for IT is Florin Stancu (
Try to arrive in time in Sibiu to attend the Welcome Reception at Sibiu City Hall. Departure time from the Continental Forum Hotel to the Welcome Reception will be 18:05.

Workshops before IMC 2011
Just before the IMC there will be organized two meteor workshops sponsored by SARM, September 14-15: Radio Meteor Workshop and Meteor Orbit Workshop. The program of these workshops and the list of the participants can be found here.

Transfer to hotel
We will provide the transfer from airport, railway and bus station to hotel, starting with September 12. Be sure that you announced the organizers about your arriving time in Sibiu. LOC member responsible for the transfer is Andrei Matache, phone +40 729 04 11 33. Here is a useful map to locate your arrival/departure points in Sibiu.

Transport to Sibiu
If you arrive in Bucharest, you can travel from Bucharest to Sibiu by train or by bus.
A timetable is on IMC 2011 website.

A direct link for the train is here and a direct link for the bus is here. For bus be sure that free places are still available (contacts are included on website).

Also, you can rent a car for a good price (pick-up in Bucharest, drop-off in Sibiu). Some websites are here: (1), (2) and (3).

Extra nights
The reduced price for accommodation of IMC participants during the conference if also applicable to extra nights before or after the conference, provided this is arranged via the IMC local organizers. Be sure that you informed the organizers about your extra nights accommodation.

The weather outlook in Sibiu for the conference days looks promising, except on Thursday, September 15 when it is expected a 60% chance for precipitations (rain).
A 10-days weather forecast for Sibiu can be found here.

Tourist tips
Sibiu is one of the most important touristic and cultural city of Romania.
People who arrive earlier or stay later are invited to visit Sibiu and its surroundings.
See Tourist tips on IMC 2011 website and the Sibiu video presentation on the IMC 2011 website.
We invite you to visit two important sights: the Brukenthal National Museum and the Complex of ASTRA Museums, the most important ethno-museum institution in Romania and the largest open air ethnographic exhibition in Europe.

Contact information
General aspects:
Alex Grigore, phone: +40 749 259 355 (0749 259 355 inside Romania)
Valentin Grigore, phone +40 722 829 034 (0722 829 034 inside Romania)

Transfer to hotel from airport, railway and bus station (available from September 12):
Andrei Matache, phone: +40 729 04 11 33 (0729 04 11 33 inside Romania)