Orionids 2009

First results

October's new Moon perfectly favours the Orionids at their peak in 2009. The shower's radiant, near the celestial equator, is at a useful elevation by around local midnight in either hemisphere, so most of the world can enjoy the shower. The shower peaks on October 21st, but has previously been noted to have several lesser peaks, sometimes helping activity to remain roughly constant for several consecutive nights centred on this peak. Observers should be aware of this possibility and attempt to observe for multiple nights.

Previous years have produced unexpectedly strong Orionid rates, with ZHRs better than the normal peak seen on two or three consecutive nights, at best up to 50-70. It will be interesting to see what takes place this year.

Visual observations can be reported through the Report Form and are as always highly appreciated. The observations are automatically included in an automated ZHR graph.