Orionids 2007

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The Orionids produce fast moving meteors linked to the comet 1 P/Halley. It is a middle-sized shower visible between early October and the first week of November. They usually peak around solar length 208° or October 21st with rates up to ZHR ~25. Last year however, the maximum went up to more than twice this value, with lots of bright meteors. The enhanced activity was explained by the Earth intersecting with some very old dust trails. Simulations show that this year the Earth stays much further away from the trails, but we still have a good chance for some enhanced activity.

Depending on your local conditions, expect realistic rates of about one meteor per two minutes, with good chances of bright meteors. Watch after local midnight, the later the better. Best look about 20-40° away from the radiant in Orion, or, if you have trouble finding that, South will not be far off.

And of course, don't forget to report your observations!