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Lyrids 2015: visual data quicklook


This page shows automated results of the Lyrids 2015, based on visual observations reported by citizen scientists through the report form of the International Meteor Organization (IMO). The information on this page is generated automatically; for scientific use please refer to manual analyses published in scientific journals (such as WGN). Send your feedback regarding this page to Geert Barentsen.

Page contents:

Immy Activity profile
Immy Observer statistics
Immy Data access
Immy Credits and references

Note that the data will finally go into the Visual Meteor Database (VMDB) with manual inspection and rectifications. We are curretly completing the files of 2008-2011. The VMDB is an enormous project - any help will be greatly appreciated.

Page generated: 2015 April 23 at 13:30 UTC.

Activity profile

The graph below shows the ZHR (Zenithal Hourly Rate), which is the number of meteors an observer would see under a very dark sky with the radiant of the shower in zenith.
ZHRmax = 28 based on 131 Lyrids reported in 70 intervals, assuming population index r = 2.1

ZHR graph

Time (UTC)Solarlon nINT nLYR ZHR Particle density
2015-04-17 20:05 27.281 2 3 16±8 23 / 109·km3
2015-04-18 20:37 28.281 1 4 18±8 26 / 109·km3
2015-04-20 00:12 29.405 34 44 3±0 4 / 109·km3
2015-04-21 13:19 30.915 9 12 5±1 7 / 109·km3
2015-04-22 01:37 31.416 17 51 8±1 11 / 109·km3
2015-04-22 23:04 32.287 7 17 28±7 40 / 109·km3

The reported intervals are automatically added together into the bins shown above, based on the number of meteors and the distribution of the intervals. For each bin, the following parameters are computed:

Observer statistics

Data has been received from 14 observers in 7 countries. Thank you for your efforts!

Spatial distribution of observers

Note: click on the map for an interactive version.

Spatial distribution

Temporal distribution of observers

Temporal distribution

Table of observers

Ljubomir Brankovic Serbia 8.81h 11
Andreas Buchmann Switzerland 2.81h 2
Milica Djordjevic Serbia 0.98h 3
Milica Dodevski Serbia 1.83h 7
Jovana Jankov Serbia 3.33h 5
Jovana Lazarevic Serbia 1.11h 6
Ivan Stankovic Serbia 4.08h 15
Rushikesh Tilak India 1.22h 7
Sasha Prokofyev Russia 2h 6
Karoly Jonas Hungary 5.00h 21
Sabine Waechter Germany 2h 6
Branislav Savic Serbia 4.98h 16
Alexandr Maidik Ukraine 3.8h 18
Dunja Pavlovic Serbia 1.00h 8
Dunja Pavlovic Serbia 3.16h 7
Frank Waechter Germany 0.75h 1

Data access

Create your own analysis. The files below can be opened using Excel:
lyr2015_rate.csv (number of meteors per interval per observer)
lyr2015_magn.csv (number of meteors per magnitude bin per observer)

Credits and references

The information on this page may be distributed freely provided credit is given to the International Meteor Organization (IMO) and, when possible, to the individual observers. The computer facilities to generate this page are provided by ESA/RSSD and Armagh Observatory.


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