Who Is Who

In an organization composed out of individual members such as the IMO, it is very important that members know and correspond with each other. We strongly recommend that members write, phone, or e-mail each other regularly. This document, containing all current members, allows you to scope the interests of your colleagues/members within the IMO and to pick out those you wish to contact. We hope that if you get a message from one of the people on this list, even if you have little time, you will take the effort to send a reply!

The IMO cannot be held responsible for any consequence this publication may have for the people mentioned. If you wish to have the text covering your activities modified, notify us and we will make the appropriate changes as soon as possible.

If you feel your name should be on this list, but isn't, please also notify us, clearly stating your name and address, so that we can check it for you.

Show only members from: anywhere, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela

Shinsuke Abe from Japan

Postal address: Dept of Aerospace Engin., College of Sci. and Techn., Nihon University, 7-24-1 Narashinodai , Chiba 274-8501, Japan
Email: shinsuke.avell - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Associate Professor
    Spectroscopy, orbits
Omar Al-Juboori from Germany

Postal address: Tharandter str. 4a, 10717 Berlin, Germany
Email: omaral-juboori - at - mailbox.tu-berlin.de
Occupation: Student
    Interested in the dynamics of Comets, meteoroids and evolution of meteoroid streams.
Thomas Albin from Germany

Postal address: Schiltacher Strasse 37, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany
Email: tho.albin - at - gmail.com
Enrique Algeciras from Spain

Postal address: Particular (SOMYCE), c/ Moianes, 19-21, 6º, 1ª, 08014 BARCELONA, Spain
Email: e.fraile - at - telefonica.net
Homepage Enrique Algeciras: http://www.ea3btz.com
    Radio meteor observations since 1997
Dominique Andre from France

Postal address: 128, Boulevard Jean Jaures, F-92110 Clichy, France
Email: andre.dominique - at - sfr.fr
Zeljko Andreic from Croatia

Postal address: Slavka Kolara 79, 10410 Velika Gorica, Croatia
Email: zandreic - at - rgn.hr
Occupation: University teacher
    Video recording of meteors and analysis of gathered data
Karl Antier from France

Postal address: REFORME, 8, place des Ormeaux, 04100 Manosque, France
Email: karl.antier - at - laposte.net
Homepage Karl Antier: http://www.reforme-meteor.net
Occupation: Geophysicist
    Visual meteor observing.
Megan Argo from United Kingdom

Postal address: Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, The University of Manchester, Alan Turing Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom
Email: megan.argo - at - gmail.com
Homepage Megan Argo: http://www.rigel.org.uk/
Occupation: Astronomer
Rainer Arlt from Germany

Postal address: Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, An der Sternwarte 16, D-14482 Potsdam, Germany
Email: rarlt - at - aip.de
Homepage Rainer Arlt: http://www.rainerarlt.de
Occupation: Astrophysicist
    Visual and video observations, analysis of meteor showers. Director of the Visual Commission.
Dirk Artoos from Belgium

Postal address: Nattenhofstraat 74, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium
Email: dirk.artoos - at - skynet.be
Occupation: Hospital attendant in intensive care & emergency
    Radio observer and interested in computers and software/astrophotography.
David Asher from United Kingdom

Postal address: Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh, Northern Ireland BT61 9DG, United Kingdom
Email: dja - at - arm.ac.uk
Occupation: Astrophysicist
    Theoretical/computational studies of meteoroid stream evolution.
Tom Axelsen from Denmark

Postal address: Bringtoftevej 2, DK-4780 Stege, Denmark
Email: ta - at - grib-stjernerne.dk
Homepage Tom Axelsen: http://grib-stjernerne.dk
Occupation: Project Manager, Electrical Engineer
    Visual and photographic observation of meteors.
Przemysław Żołądek from Poland

Postal address: Pracownia Komet i Meteorów / PFN, Delta Optical, 00-854 Warszawa, ul. Jana Pawła II 19, Poland
Email: brahi - at - op.pl
Homepage Przemysław Żołądek: http://www.pkim.org
    Fireball networks, photograpic/spectral observations, radio observations, photo and video equipment, data analysis
Ferhat Fikri ÖZEREN from Turkey

Postal address: Erciyes University, Erciyes University, Science Faculty, Astronomy and Space Sciences Dept., Turkey
Email: ozeren - at - erciyes.edu.tr
Occupation: Academic
Alfred Bachmann from Switzerland

Postal address: Schulstrasse 17, -, Switzerland
Email: fredi.bachmann - at - bluewin.ch
Alexander Bagrov from Russian Federation

Postal address: Institute of Astronomy of the RAS, 48 Pyatnitskaya St., 119017 Moscow, Russian Federation
Email: abagrov - at - inasan.ru
    Solar system, planetary cosmogony
Mark Bailey from United Kingdom

Postal address: Armagh Observatory, College Hill,, Armagh, BT61 9DG, United Kingdom
Email: meb - at - arm.ac.uk
Occupation: Director, Armagh Observatory
    Origin and dynamics of comets, asteroids etc.
Lars Bakmann from Denmark

Postal address: Birkebakken 6, Tirstrup, DK-8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark
Email: bakmann - at - os.dk
Occupation: Marine engineer
    Member of Astronomical Society Denmark. Interested in visual observations and photography.
Lorenzo Barbieri from Italy

Postal address: AAB, via del moro 21 , 40054 Budrio (BO), Italy
Email: lorenzobarbieri - at - libero.it
Occupation: Tecnician
    Radio meteor (forward scatter)
Geert Barentsen from United Kingdom

Postal address: 3 Colindale Avenue, St Albans, AL1 1JR , United Kingdom
Email: geert - at - barentsen.be
Occupation: Astronomer
    Regular visual observer. Working as an astronomer at the University of Hertfordshire.
Rafael Barrios from Venezuela

Postal address: 7th Street, 3023 & Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Email: rgbb2001 - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
    Astronomy - Baseball - Reading
Luc Bastiaens from Belgium

Postal address: Collegelaan 60, 2140 Borgerhout, Belgium
Email: lba - at - urania.be
Occupation: Telecom Consultant
    Visual and video observations, IMO webmaster
Timothy Beck from United States

Postal address: Mendocino College, 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, California, 95482, United States
Email: tbeck - at - mendocino.edu
Occupation: Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Oleg Belkovich from Russian Federation

Postal address: Engelhardt Astron. Observatory, 422 526 Kazan, Russian Federation
Email: oleg - at - green.kcn.ru
Homepage Oleg Belkovich: http://www.ksu.ru/astro/staff/belk.html
Occupation: Astronomer
    Head research worker of the Engelhardt Astronomical Observatory, interested in visual, photographic and radio observations.
Orlando Benitez Sanchez from Spain

Postal address: c/ Virgen del Pilar 20, 4º A, E-35012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Email: orlandobenitez - at - somyce.org
Homepage Orlando Benitez Sanchez: http://www.somyce.org
Occupation: High School teacher
    Visual observer since 1991, now mainly interested in meteor video and radio observations. President of SOMYCE since 1998.
Julius Benton from United States

Postal address: ASSOCIATES IN ASTRONOMY, P.O. Box 30545, Savannah, Georgia 31410, United States
Email: jlbaina - at - msn.com
Homepage Julius Benton: http://www.alpo-astronomy.org
Occupation: Prof. Astronomy, Ret. Aerospace Program Director
    Interested in Visual Meteor Observations; Lunar and Planetary Sciences
Felix Bettonvil from Netherlands

Postal address: Korte Jufferstraat 3, NL-3512 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
Email: bettonvil - at - astron.nl
Occupation: scientific engineer
    fireballs, all-sky imaging, orbit determination, video observations, visual observations.
Eduard Bettonvil from Netherlands

Postal address: Marten Toonderstraat 9, 3544 HE Utrecht, Netherlands
Email: ebettonvil - at - brabant.nl
Occupation: geodetic engineer
    orbit calculation
Suresh Bhattarai from Nepal

Postal address: Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO), P.O.Box 21229, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: chikursharma - at - gmail.com
Homepage Suresh Bhattarai: http://astronomy-nepal.blogspot.com
Occupation: Student
    I am an amateur astronomer and love to conduct outreach activities. I have been involved in meteor astronomy since my childhood, I used to look into the sky to find out more moand more meteors. I am involved in visual observation of meteor astronomy in Nepal.
Mihail Bidnichenko from Ukraine

Postal address: Apt 10, 24/25 Dekabristov st., Simferopol, Ukraine, 30 Kozlova st Moscow Russia, Ukraine
Email: mihail.bidnichenko - at - gmail.com
Jiri Borovicka from Czech Republic

Postal address: Astronomical Institute, Fricova 298, CZ-251 65 Ondrejov, Czech Republic
Email: Jiri.Borovicka - at - asu.cas.cz
Homepage Jiri Borovicka: http://www.astro.cz/~borovic/
Occupation: astronomer
    professional meteor astronomer
Walter Boschin from Spain

Postal address: Fundacion G. Galilei - INAF, Rambla Jose Ana Fernandez Perez 7, E-38712 Brena Baja (Canary Islands), Spain
Email: boschin - at - tng.iac.es
Occupation: Scientist
    visual and radio meteor observations
Steve Bosley from United Kingdom

Postal address: 8 St Andrew Close, Waterlooville, United Kingdom
Email: stevebosley - at - ntlworld.com
Occupation: IT Project Manager - retired
    I run the Meteor Section of the Hampshire Astronomical Group and we are members of both the UKMON and NEMETODE video detection networks.
Martin Breukers from Netherlands

Postal address: Jacob Catsstraat 6, 7551 BE, Netherlands
Email: breukers - at - wxs.nl
John Briggs from United States

Postal address: FOAH Observatory, P.O. Box 65, Magdalena, NM 87825-0065, United States
Email: john.w.briggs - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Astronomer
    I am operating a video meteor system with MetRec software near Magdalena, New Mexico, USA.
Jeffrey Brower from Canada

Postal address: 1079 Mission View Court, Kelowna, BC, V1Z 3R3, Canada
Email: jbrower - at - meteorchaser.net
Occupation: Research scientist
    Prime interest in radio observations. RMOB and the Global Meteor Scatter Network.
Peter Brown from Canada

Postal address: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario N6A 3K7, Canada
Email: pbrown - at - uwo.ca
Homepage Peter Brown: http://aquarid.physics.uwo.ca/~pbrown/
Occupation: Associate Professor in meteor physics
    Visual, photographic and radio observer, interested in mathematics and computers.
Richard Brown from Australia

Postal address: 510 Limeburners Creek Road, Clarence Town NSW 2321, Australia
Email: enquiries - at - theamateurastronomer.com
Homepage Richard Brown: www.theamateurastronomer.com
Occupation: Business Owner
    Recording meteor showers visually and photographically.
Andreas Buchmann from Switzerland

Postal address: Wickenweg 12, CH-8048 Zürich, Switzerland
Email: andreasbuchmann - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Psychologist
    Interested in major and minor showers.
Peter Campbell-Burns from United Kingdom

Postal address: 1 Cavendish Gardens, Fleet, Hants, GU52 6PD, United Kingdom
Email: peter - at - campbell-burns.com
Occupation: Management Consultant
    I have been working with the founder of the UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) to help him establish a UK wide network of meteor monitoring stations and since mid 2012 I have been operating a CCTV meteor monitoring station based on the Sonotaco suite. I am also the current Chairman of the Farnham Astronomical Society and member of the committee of the UK's Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies.
Li-chung Chen from Taiwan

Postal address: 3F #15 ALY 11 LN 107, SEC 2 HOPING E Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan
Email: megastar - at - ms12.hinet.net
    Visual observer and photographer during major showers. Also interested in astronomical software, planetary, cometary, and deep-sky observations.
Francois Colas from France

Postal address: Institut de Mecanique Celeste, 77 avenue Denfert Rochereau, 75014 Paris, France
Email: colas - at - imcce.fr
Occupation: Astronomer CNRS
    Observing meteors with vedeo camera
William Cooke from United States

Postal address: NASA Meteoroid Environment Office, 6231 Rime Village Drive Apt 104, Huntsville, AL 35806, United States
Email: william.j.cooke - at - nasa.gov
Occupation: NASA Researcher
Tim Cooper from South Africa

Postal address: Suite 617, Private Bag X043, Benoni 1500, South Africa
Email: tpcoope - at - mweb.co.za
Occupation: Company Director
    Director of the Astronomical Society of South Africa's comet and meteor sections, variable star observer.
John Correira from United States

Postal address: 1109 Treeside Lane, Herndon, VA 20170, United States
Email: john.correira - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Scientist
Stefano Crivello from Italy

Postal address: Via Bobbio 9a/18, 16137 Genova, Italy
Email: stefano.crivello - at - libero.it
Occupation: Programmer
    Visual e video meteor observations
Szilárd Csizmadia from Germany

Postal address: DLR, Institut für Planetenforschung, Rutherfordstr. 2., 12489 Berlin, Germany
Email: szilard.csizmadia - at - dlr.de
Homepage Szilárd Csizmadia: www.vcse.hu
Occupation: astronomer (post-doc)
    visual observations, video observations, faint meteors
Kerem Osman Cubuk from Turkey

Postal address: Mutlu Kervan Sitesi, 4/22, Cayyolu, TK-06530 Ankara, Turkey
Email: keremcubuk - at - gmail.com
Robert Culbertson from United States

Postal address: 788 Hill City Road, Cranberry Pennsylvania 16319-3612, United States
Email: wa3ygq - at - amsat.org
Homepage Robert Culbertson : www.twitter.com/wa3ygq
Occupation: Retired
    meteor induced Sporadic E propagation and High Angle Radiation on the VHF, HF and MF Amateur Radio Frequencies
Malcolm Currie from United Kingdom

Postal address: 25, Collett Way,, Grove, Wantage, Oxfordshire OX12 0NT, United Kingdom
Email: mjc - at - star.rl.ac.uk
Occupation: Programmer and extragalactic astronomer
    Telescopic observer interested in optical and image processing methods for studying faint meteors and radiant structure.
Christopher Curtis from United Kingdom

Postal address: 24 Oakwood Road, Horley, RH6 7BU, United Kingdom
Email: chris - at - curtisfamily.org.uk
Homepage Christopher Curtis: http://www.curtisfamily.org.uk
Occupation: Recently retired secondary school (head)teacher
    Video observer - part of ukmon. Member of British Astronomical Association
Mark Davis from United States

Postal address: 101 Margate Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445, United States
Email: meteors - at - comcast.net
Occupation: Park Ranger
    Founder and Coordinator of North American Meteor Network. Visual observer interested in minor showers.
José De Queiroz from Switzerland

Postal address: Via principala 60, CH-7153 Falera, Switzerland
Email: encarna - at - kns.ch
Sebastiaan de Vet from Netherlands

Postal address: Silenestraat 2-b, NL-1031 TW Amsterdam, Netherlands
Email: sebastiaandevet - at - gmail.com
Homepage Sebastiaan de Vet: www.planeetonderzoeker.nl
    Planetary geosciences, meteoritics, meteorite recovery, 3D scanning, 3D printing
Werner Depoorter from Belgium

Postal address: Talondreef 72, 2390 Oostmalle, Belgium
Email: werner - at - depoorter.name
Occupation: IT professional
    Radio Meteors
Massimo Devetti from Italy

Postal address: Via Donizetti 4 int. 5, I-34072 Gradisca (Gorizia), Italy
Email: iv3ndc - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Antenna / RF-Microwave Engineer
    Radio Meteor Observations
Paolo Di Marcantonio from Italy

Postal address: Aurisina 167, I-34011 Aurisina-Trieste, Italy
Email: dimarcan - at - oats.inaf.it
Occupation: Research Astronnomer
    Interested in technology.
Jean-Luc DIGHAYE from Belgium

Postal address: EurAstro, Chemin du Point de Vue 32, B-4845 Nivezé-Jalhay, Belgium
Email: jdighaye - at - eurastro.de
Homepage Jean-Luc DIGHAYE: http://www.eurastro.de/
Occupation: President, EurAstro / Chief examiner, EPO
    Member, MetSoc Meteor radio-detection
Jean-Christophe DORE from France

Postal address: 8 BD F. BUISSON, 17300 ROCHEFORT, France
Email: dorejc - at - free.fr
Florian Driessen from Netherlands

Postal address: Gavarellestraat 36, 6171 HH, Stein, Netherlands
Email: flor.driessen - at - gmail.com
George Drobnock from United States

Postal address: 213 S. Jefferson St., Mount Union, PA 17066, United States
Email: drobnock - at - penn.com
Occupation: Consultant
    Interested in visual and VLF radio observations.
Gerhard Drolshagen from Netherlands

Postal address: Apollostraat 3, NL-2171 CN Sassenheim, Netherlands
Email: gerhard.drolshagen - at - esa.int
Audrius Dubietis from Lithuania

Postal address: Baltupio 101-2, LT-2057 Vilnius, Lithuania
Email: audrius.dubietis - at - ff.vu.lt
Occupation: Professor in physics, Vilnius University
    Visual observations, shower analyses
Martin Dubs from Switzerland

Postal address: in untern Stieg, 2, CH-7304 Maienfeld, Switzerland
Email: martin-dubs - at - bluewin.ch
Occupation: Physicist (retired)
David Dunn from France

Postal address: Le val Ratier, 14290 Meulles, France
Email: david.dunn9 - at - orange.fr
Occupation: Retired Engineer
    Member of UK Nemetode group
Howard Edin from United States

Postal address: 556 E 2200 Road, Eudora, KS, United States
Email: howard.edin - at - gmail.com
Homepage Howard Edin: www.howardedin.com
Occupation: Computer consulting
    Visual and photographic observer.
Lidia Egorova from Russian Federation

Postal address: Institute of Mechanics, Muchurinski 1, 119192 Moscow, Russian Federation
Email: egorova - at - imec.msu.ru
Homepage Lidia Egorova: http://lab106.imec.msu.ru/eng/staff.html
    meteor phenomena, aerodynamics and destruction of the fireballs in the atmosphere
Leonard Entwisle from United Kingdom

Postal address: 22 Carlton Grove, Elland , West Yorkshire HX5 9PR, United Kingdom
Email: len.entwisle - at - btopenworld.com
Occupation: Retired chemist
    Visual, photographic, video and radio meteor astronomy.
David Entwistle from United Kingdom

Postal address: 41 Parkgate, Goosnargh, Preston, Lancashire PR3 2BU, United Kingdom
Email: david - at - radiometeor.plus.com
Occupation: Electrical Engineer - radio communications
    Interested in radio observations, especially simultaneous meteor sound, variation in sporadic rates and orbital determination. Activities include walking in the Lancashire countryside. Assistant IMO treasurer for the UK.
Pierre Ernotte from Belgium

Postal address: Club Astro d'Ottignies-LLN, Rue de la Chapelle, 42 B-1340, B-1340 Ottignies-LLN, Belgium
Email: ernotp - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Prof. of electricity, electronics and DSP, retired
    radio meteor. I am interested to find the signature of individual meteors in order to determine their properties
James Finnegan from United Kingdom

Postal address: Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, United Kingdom
Email: jaf - at - arm.ac.uk
Occupation: Electronics Engineer
    Research Assistant and Technologist.
Richard Fleet from United Kingdom

Postal address: 12 Alton Road, Wilcot, Pewsey SN9 5NP, United Kingdom
Email: rfleet - at - clara.co.uk
Thomas Friedli from Switzerland

Postal address: Sonnenturm Uecht, Ahornweg 29, CH-3123 Belp, Switzerland
Email: thomas.k.friedli - at - bluewin.ch
Homepage Thomas Friedli: www.solarpatrol.ch
Occupation: Master in Astronomy, PhD in Statistics, Actuary
    Robotic video patrol at the Sonnenturm Uecht observatory according the observation programs of the Swiss Meteor Astronomy Group
Yasunori Fujiwara from Japan

Postal address: 2-16-8 Mikunihonmachi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0005, Japan
Email: DHB15312 - at - biglobe.ne.jp
Yoshiaki Fujiyoshi from Japan

Postal address: 3-60-2,308 Kamiishihara Chofu-shi,, Tokyo 182-0035, Japan
Email: ggb02476 - at - nifty.com
Kai Gaarder from Norway

Postal address: Søndre Ålsvegen 698A, 2740 ROA, Norway
Email: kai.gaarder - at - gmail.com
Ana Georgescu from Romania

Postal address: The International Computer Highschool Bucharest, Aleea CFR Bl.36/335 sc. C ap. 50 , RO-080125 Giurgiu, jud. Giurgiu, Romania
Email: ana.t.georgescu - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Student
    Participating in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad(which implies knowing general facts about this domain),video and radio meteor detection.
Tudor Georgescu from Romania

Postal address: Bul. CFR Bl.36/335 sc. C ap. 50, RO-080125 Giurgiu, jud. Giurgiu, Romania
Email: tudor.gr - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Manager
    Radio and video detection
Vladimir Getman from United States

Postal address: Pennsylvania State University, 121 EEE, University Park, PA 16802, United States
Email: vsg1 - at - psu.edu
Occupation: Astronomer
    Astronomer, observer of meteors, comets artificial earth satellites, participated in observations (Tajikistan, Somalia, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, USA). Participated in the following NASA projects: Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission (still in orbit); Cosmic Ray Energetic And Mass (CREAM) balloon experiment in Antarctica, 2004-2005. Treasurer of the American Meteor Society 2008-2012. Chess player.
Dick Gevers from Netherlands

Postal address: Speerdistelveld 5, NL-3448 EK Woerden, Netherlands
Email: dvgevers - at - xs4all.nl
Occupation: Banking employee
    Visual meteor watcher, general astronomy.
Ulrich Goerze from Germany

Postal address: Mohlstr. 23, 73431 Aalen, Germany
Email: u.goerze - at - sdtnet.de
Occupation: Physicist
    Interested in visual and photographic observations.
Rui Goncalves from Portugal

Postal address: Urbanizacao da Boavista, Lote 46, Linhaceira, 2305-114 Asseiceira, Tomar, Portugal
Email: rui.goncalves - at - ipt.pt
Homepage Rui Goncalves: http://www.aif.estt.ipt.pt/Docentes/PAGINA_METEOR/
Occupation: teacher
    video detection
Roberto Gorelli from Italy

Postal address: Via di Val Favara Pal.B 72, I-00168 Roma, Italy
    Research in bolides and meteor craters, visual and photographic observer and literature. Especially working on research of meteorites, comets, bolides, meteor showers, and all types of astronomical phenomena in ancient literature.
Mitja Govedic from Slovenia

Postal address: Flegericeva 6, 2277 Sredisce ob Dravi, Slovenia
Email: antarespk - at - yahoo.com
    Interested in visual, video and spectral observations.
Maria Gritsevich from Finland

Postal address: Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI, Geodeetinrinne 2, FIN-02430 Masala, Finland
Email: maria.gritsevich - at - nls.fi
Homepage Maria Gritsevich: http://www.fgi.fi/fgi/research/researchgroups/space-geodesy
Occupation: Specialist Research Scientist
    Space geodesy, electromagnetic scattering, data reduction, physical properties of meteoroids, meteors, meteorites
Ernesto Guido from Italy

Postal address: Via Paride del Pozzo 12, Castellammare di Stabia (NA), 80053, Italy
Email: walcom77 - at - gmail.com
Homepage Ernesto Guido: http://remanzacco.blogspot.com/
Tioga Gulon from France

Postal address: 6, rue Rodin, 54710 Fleville devant Nancy, France
Email: france.allsky.camera - at - free.fr
Homepage Tioga Gulon: http://boam.fr
Occupation: Technicien
    Video Observation. Contribute to the french video network development
Peter Gural from United States

Postal address: 351 Samantha Dr., Sterling, VA 20164-5539, United States
Email: peter.s.gural - at - leidos.com
Occupation: Senior Scientist at Science Applications Int. Corp
    Developing computer based automated streak detection and analysis software for a variety of electro-optical meteor systems. These include all-sky, moderate field of view, down to telescopic FOVs with software developed for meteor detection in systems with long frame integration, short frame integration, video rate collection, mirror controlled meteor tracking, and the flash detection of lunar meteoroid impacts. Developer of the "MeteorScan" automated meteor detection and analysis software for identifying meteor tracks in live or videotaped night sky imagery. Been involved with many meteor collection field campaigns since 1998 on both ground and airborne platforms. Activities include bicycling, softball, and local high school marching band support.
Marc Gyssens from Belgium

Postal address: Heerbaan 74, B-2530 Boechout, Belgium
Email: marc.gyssens - at - uhasselt.be
Occupation: Professor of computer science, Hasselt University
    Author of the IMO Constitution
Axel Haas from Germany

Postal address: PF 13 03 16, D-64243 Darmstadt, Germany
Email: mondamin - at - freunde.tu-darmstadt.de
Occupation: Geologist
    Mostly bibliographic activities, interested in meteorites, impacts and mineralogical and geological background. Founding Member of the IMO.
Cathy Hall from Canada

Postal address: 195 Clearview Avenue, Apt. #2114, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 6S1, Canada
Email: writer.can - at - sympatico.ca
Occupation: Accounting
    Visual observer, interested in meteors, comets and impacts. Other interests - writing, perception, ancient history. A Voting member since 1997 (HALCA).
MIchael Hankey from United States

Postal address: 16835 Gerting Road, Monkton, Maryland 21111, United States
Email: mike.hankey - at - gmail.com
Joost Hartman from Netherlands

Postal address: Annapark 3, 5246 AN Rosmalen, Netherlands
Email: j.hartman - at - pelser-hartman.nl
Homepage Joost Hartman: http://www.werkgroepmeteoren.nl
Occupation: Building Engineer
    Visual Observations. Chairman of the Dutch Meteor Section of the Royal Dutch association for Astronomy.
Ichiro Hasegawa from Japan

Postal address: 4-18-5 Fujiwaradaikita, Kita-ku, Kobe 651-1301, Japan
Email: j53d23 - at - bma.biglobe.ne.jp
Occupation: Professor at Otemae University
    Working on comets and meteors, interested in historical records of comets and meteors, orbit determination and the origin of comets.
Werner Hasubick from Germany

Postal address: Fischerweg 24, 86807 Buchloe, Germany
Email: werner.hasubick - at - t-online.de
Occupation: Computer engineer
    Visual and photographic worker. Founding member since 1988.
Kim Hay from Canada

Postal address: 76 Colebrook road RR #1, Yarker, Ontario, Canada, K0K 3N0, Canada
Email: cdnspooky - at - gmail.com
Homepage Kim Hay: www.starlightcascade.ca
Occupation: Materials & Production Planner
    Interested in visual and radio meteor observing,Solar Observing, (White Light & Ha) Ham radio, and reading. Meteor Data Assistant for the American Meteor Society.
Lars Heen from Norway

Postal address: Engerveien 49, N-1900 Fetsund, Norway
Email: lth - at - ffi.no
Occupation: Senior Scientist at the Norw. Def. Res. Establ.
    Visual observer.
Carl Hergenrother from United States

Postal address: 4101 N Sunnywood Pl., Tucson, AZ 85749, United States
Email: chergen - at - yahoo.com
Homepage Carl Hergenrother: http://transientsky.wordpress.com/
Occupation: Bronx, New York, USA
    Bronx, New York, USA
Tracie Heywood from United Kingdom

Postal address: 20 Hillside Drive, Leek, Staffs. ST13 8JQ, United Kingdom
Email: tracieheywood832 - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Charity Shop volunteer
    Visual observer of meteors and variable stars. Meteor Editor of The Astronomer magazine, Director of the Meteor and Variable Star sections of the Society for Popular Astronomy.
Trond Hillestad from Norway

Postal address: Riskeveien 10, NO-3157 Barkaaker, Norway
Email: trond - at - askmedia.no
Occupation: Journalist, editor of
    Journalist and editor of the Norwegian journal "Astronomi" Interested in visual and photographic observation and meteor stream evolution. Founding Member since 1988.
David Holman from United States

Postal address: 5990 SE King Rd #41, Milwaukie, OR 97222, United States
Email: daveh - at - lmi.net
Occupation: Self-employed
    Started visual observering in 1992, also interested in video and radio observing. Worked on the Multi-Insturment Airborne Campaign from 1999 to 2008. Currently working on the CAMS Project in California (2011- ? ).
J. Andreas Howell from United States

Postal address: 3522 NW 18th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32605, United States
Email: andyho - at - mindspring.com
    CAMS project
Paul Hyde from United Kingdom

Postal address: 25 Merton Road, Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Email: g4csd - at - yahoo.co.uk
Abderrahmane Ibhi from Morocco

Postal address: Ibn Zohr University, Faculty of Sciences, B.P. 8106, University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco
Email: a.ibhi - at - uiz.ac.ma
    A very important interest because I am responsible for a laboratory dealing with meteorites from Morocco.
Antal Igaz from Hungary

Postal address: H-1223 BUDAPEST, Hur utca 9 / D / 4lcsh, Hungary
Email: antaligaz - at - yahoo.com
Occupation: Engineer
    Visual, video, photographic observation
Hiroyuki Inoue from Japan

Postal address: Kanagawa-ken Iseharase-shi Isida589-1, Rapport Ipponmatu303, Japan
Email: fireballmsjp - at - yahoo.co.jp
Homepage Hiroyuki Inoue: http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/Fireball/
Peter Jenniskens from United States

Postal address: SETI Institute, 189 Bernardo Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States
Email: Petrus.M.Jenniskens - at - nasa.gov
Occupation: Astronomer
    Interested in meteors, meteor showers, and meteorite falls, and their relation to minor planets. Career pages at: http://airborne.seti.org.
Klaas Jobse from Netherlands

Postal address: Duinbeekseweg 22A, NL-4356 CE Oostkapelle, Netherlands
Email: cyclops - at - zeelandnet.nl
Homepage Klaas Jobse: http://people.zeelandnet.nl/cyclops/
Occupation: Garden design and maintenance
    Interested in all-sky photographic observations and video observations. I am also active in operating the Cyclops Observatory. Founding member since 1988.
Carl Johannink from Germany

Postal address: Schiefestr. 36, 48599 Gronau, Germany
Email: c.johannink - at - t-online.de
Occupation: Teacher
    Visual meteor observer, variable star observer.
Frank Johns from United Kingdom

Postal address: 38 Chester Road, Newquay, United Kingdom
Email: frankjohns - at - btinternet.com
Homepage Frank Johns: www.frankjohns.uk
Occupation: Retired
    Capture and analysis, spectroscopy
Jeffrey Jones from United States

Postal address: 19 Rutherford Circle, Sterling, VA 20165, United States
Email: jonesjeffr - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Systems Engineer
    Visual and Video observing.
Stephane Jouin from France

Postal address: 17, rue Henri Matisse, F-14320 May-sur-Orne, France
Email: stephane - at - jouin.eu
Homepage Stephane Jouin: http://www.jouin.eu
Occupation: Senior Product Engineer
    Radio & video meteor observations Astronomy
Javor Kac from Slovenia

Postal address: Andreaševa ulica 8, SLO-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Email: javor.kac - at - guest.arnes.si
Homepage Javor Kac: http://www2.arnes.si/~mborion4/javor-E.htm
Occupation: Pharmacist
    Visual, photographic and video observer, interested in meteor orbits and spectra. MBK Team observing group leader since 1997.
Richard Kacerek from United Kingdom

Postal address: 19 Comet Close, Ash Vale, Surrey, GU125SG, United Kingdom
Email: rickzkm - at - gmail.com
Homepage Richard Kacerek: www.ukmeteornetwork.co.uk
Toru Kanamori from Japan

Postal address: 2-11-6 Daizawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 155-0032, Japan
Email: post.kanamori - at - nifty.com
Anna Kartashova from Russian Federation

Postal address: Pyatnitskaya Str., 48, 119017 Moscow, Russian Federation
Email: akartashova - at - inasan.ru
Homepage Anna Kartashova: http://www.inasun.ru
Occupation: Researcher (Meteor astronomy and Geodesy)
    Meteor astronomy, TV meteor observations, the dynamics and distributions of meteor particles in the space (near Earth space)
Yasuhiro Kawasaki from Japan

Postal address: 523 Baba, Kaizuka-shi, Osaka 597-0103, Japan
Email: astro - at - kawasaki-kc.jp
Homepage Yasuhiro Kawasaki: http://www.kawasaki-kc.jp/
Occupation: Pediatrician
    Chief secretary of Nippon Meteor Society. I am interested in visual, TV and radio observations.
Roy Keeris from Netherlands

Postal address: The Meteor Section (WGM) of the KNVWS, Laan van Vollenhove 719, 3706CW Zeist, Netherlands
Email: roy - at - brightsky.nl
Occupation: Press Officer
    Meteors Aurora Weather storm chasing
Johan Kero from Sweden

Postal address: Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Box 812, SE-981 28 Kiruna, Sweden
Email: kero - at - irf.se
Occupation: Scientist
    Head echo radar observer
Stephen Kerr from Australia

Postal address: 22 Green Avenue, Glenlee, Queensland 4711, Australia
Email: srkak - at - optusnet.com.au
Occupation: Industrial chemist
    Visual observing. Activities include membership in the RASNZ Variable Star Section and Occultation Section.
Bernard Kieffer from France

Postal address: 189 rue des Deux Mares, F-76190 Saint Martin de l'If, France
Email: bernard.kieffer.76 - at - orange.fr
Occupation: Retired
    New in meteor astronomy
James Kinsman from United States

Postal address: 6324 Chesla Dr, Gainesville, Georgia, United States
Email: jhkinsman - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Retired
    Ancient Maya Observations
Bernd Klemt from Germany

Postal address: Sternwarte Herne, Grosshurdener Berg 8, D - 51491 Overath, Germany
Email: bernd.klemt - at - hs-bochum.de
    Video detection with automated station, operator of HERMINE and KLEMOI
Laura Knight-Jadczyk from France

Postal address: 2955 Route de Toulouse, 82100 Castelsarrasin, France
Email: lark2 - at - cassiopaea.org
Occupation: Historian, author
Andre Knoefel from Germany

Postal address: Am Observatorium 2, 15848 Lindenberg, Germany
Email: Andre.Knoefel - at - dwd.de
Occupation: Assistant meteorologist
    Visual observer and photographic observer, active in fireball recording, interested in computers, software, literature. Also active in minor planet search.
Selma Koelers from Netherlands

Postal address: Oostveenweg 150, NL-7533 VX Enschede, Netherlands
Email: koelers - at - gmail.com
Matej Korec from Slovakia

Postal address: Lovcica 79/4, SK-96623 Lovcica-Trubin, Slovakia
Email: korec - at - planetarium.sk
Leonard Kornos from Slovakia

Postal address: Jamnickeho 6, SK - 84105 Bratislava, Slovakia
Email: kornos - at - fmph.uniba.sk
Ralf Koschack from Germany

Postal address: Hauptstr. 35, 18469 Lendershagen, Germany
Email: ingenieurbuero.r.koschack - at - gmx.de
Occupation: Civil engineer, coal combustion research
    Visual observer and photographic worker, working on extensive analysis of meteor shower data. Interested in determination of population index and flux density profiles of meteor streams. Founding Member since 1988.
Detlef Koschny from Netherlands

Postal address: Zeestraat 46, NL-2211 XH Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
Email: Detlef.Koschny - at - esa.int
Homepage Detlef Koschny: http://www.koschny.de/Astronomy/
Occupation: Space scientist
    Visual and video observer interested in physical properties of meteoroids. Council Member 1989. Currently scientist at the European Space Agency as Study and Project Scientist, involved in lunar and asteroid missions. Devotes part of his time on meteor research. Founding member since 1988.
Masahiro Koseki from Japan

Postal address: 4-3-5 Annaka, Annaka-shi, Gunma-ken 379-0116, Japan
Email: geh04301 - at - nifty.ne.jp
Occupation: Teacher of natural science and chemistry
    Visual observer interested in mathematics, reading and literature. President of the Nippon Meteor Society (NMS). Assistant IMO treasurer for Japan. Founding member since 1988.
Jakub Koukal from Czech Republic

Postal address: Rumunská 4050, 76701 Kromeriz, Czech Republic
Email: j.koukal - at - post.cz
Occupation: Designer of buildings
    Astronomy, basketball
Peter Kozich from United States

Postal address: 2966 Aberdeen Dr, Florissant, MO 63033, United States
Email: kozichpj - at - yahoo.com
Occupation: Aviation meteorologist
    Although never formally trained in astronomy, I find meteor outbursts and modeling of meteor streams extremely interesting.
Mykola Kulichenko from Ukraine

Postal address: RI Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory, 54030, Nikolaev, Observatornaya 1, Ukraine
Email: niiko4kulichenko - at - gmail.com
    Video observations of meteors.
Monika Kumlehn de Mamani from Germany

Postal address: Ihmepassage 2, 30449 Hannover, Germany
Email: impakton - at - gmx.de
Homepage Monika Kumlehn de Mamani: http://www.impaktnamen.de
Occupation: Ministerial Counsellor (ret.), curator impaktnamen
HERVE LAMY from Belgium

Email: herve.lamy - at - aeronomie.be
Homepage HERVE LAMY: brams.aeronomie.be
Occupation: Senor Scientist at BIRA-IASB
    At the moment, mainly radio meteors with the development of BRAMS.
Alberto Latini from Italy

Postal address: Via dei Narcisi 3, I-22020 Pigra-Co, Italy
Email: allatini - at - tiscali.it
    Visual observer and fireball photographer.
Robert Layman from United States

Postal address: 207 Birchwood Drive, West Chester, Pa. 19380, United States
Email: Layman3 - at - Aol.com
Occupation: Administrator
Daniela Lazzaro from Brazil

Postal address: Observatorio Nacional - COAA, Rua General Jose Cristino 77, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
Email: lazzaro - at - on.br
Occupation: Astronomer
    The focus of my research is the study of physical properties of asteroids to better understand their origin and evolution. Meteor and meteorites are important pieces of this study.
Arnaud Leroy from France

Email: arnaudastro - at - yahoo.fr
Homepage Arnaud Leroy: http://astrosurf.cm/arnaudleroy
Occupation: Technician in heating sytem
    I'm going to install a fix meteor observational station of the French network REFORME (managed by IMCCE : Paris Observatory)
Chris Leveque from France

Postal address: 7 Chemin Saint Martin, MEYLAN, France
Email: chris.leveque - at - green-and-blue.com
Occupation: Vice President Marketing and Business Development
    Radio listening and detection
Paul Lindsay from Netherlands

Postal address: Bosrand 3, 5737SE, Lieshout, Netherlands
Email: paul - at - hettykat.com
Occupation: IT professional
    Video recording and image intensification.
Richard Livingstone from United Kingdom

Postal address: None, Flat 5, 16 Marine Road, Pensarn, Abergele, Conwy, Wales, LL22 7PR, United Kingdom
Email: richardlivingstone7 - at - btinternet.com
Homepage Richard Livingstone: None
Occupation: Private Student
Alvaro Lopes from Portugal

Postal address: University of Lisbon, Faculty of Pharmacy, Av Prof Gama Pinto, P-1649-003 Lisbon, Portugal
Email: atlopes - at - ff.ulisboa.pt
Occupation: University Professor (Toxicology/Pharmacology)
    Setting up systems for meteor data collection through video and radio tools
Hartwig Luethen from Germany

Postal address: Behnstr. 13, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
Email: h.luthen - at - botanik.uni-hamburg.de
Occupation: Biologist
    Comets, astrophotography, and meteors (visual and photographic observations).
Vladimir Lukic from United States

Postal address: Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States
Email: lukicv - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Physicist
    Visual, video, physics, data analysis, education.
Robert Lunsford from United States

Postal address: 1828 Cobblecreek Street, Chula Vista, CA 91913-3917, United States
Email: lunro.imo.usa - at - cox.net
Occupation: Printed Media Manager
    Year-round visual observer and plotter. Photographer during major showers. Also interested in variable stars, comets, planets, and deep-sky observations. IMO Secretary-General since 1998, IMO Assistant Treasurer since 1997, Meteor Section Coordinator for the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers, Treasurer of the American Meteor Society.
Esko Lyytinen from Finland

Postal address: Kehäkukantie 3 B, FIN-00720 Helsinki, Finland
Email: esko.lyytinen - at - jippii.fi
    Interested in all forms of observing, especially video observations, in particular of fireballs, data collection and treatment of fireball observations, and radio observations. Activities include modeling of meteor trails and the predicting of outbursts.
Maciej Maciejewski from Poland

Postal address: Wolynska 24, PL-22-100 Chelm, Poland
Email: mazziek - at - gmail.com
John Maclean from United Kingdom

Postal address: Exeter Observatory, 6 Matford Mews, Alphington, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8XP, United Kingdom
Email: astro - at - exeterobservatory.com
Homepage John Maclean: http://www.exeterobservatory.com
Occupation: Astronomer
    Video and Radio meteor detection. Part of the UK Meteor Observation Network and the S.P.A.M. system.
Jose Madiedo from Spain

Postal address: C/Berlin 21, 5 B, 41012 Sevilla, Spain
Email: madiedo - at - cica.es
Homepage Jose Madiedo: http://www.meteoroides.net
Occupation: Research scientist
    Mainly interested in meteor spectroscopy and also in video, photographic, and radio observations. He operates a radio-detection system in Seville and several automated photo and video stations around the Seville area and in other places of Andalusia. Member of the Spanish Meteor and Fireball Network (SPMN).
Kouji Maeda from Japan

Postal address: 2-15-4 Gakuen Kibanadai Minami, Miyazaki 889-2153, Japan
Email: t0b153u - at - cc.miyazaki-u.ac.jp
Homepage Kouji Maeda: http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~maeda/showers/showers.
    Interested in observing major and minor showers by TV, which I am doing continuously since 2004. I also observe meteor spectra by TV to classify meteors.
Jean-Jacques MAINTOUX from France

Postal address: RETRAM / ARRL, 30 rue de Villacoublay, 78140 VELIZY, France
Email: jjm_f1ehn - at - wanadoo.fr
Homepage Jean-Jacques MAINTOUX: http://www.retram.org
Occupation: Engineer - Radar System Expert
    Ham Radio, Radioastronomy amateur, and Meteor Radio Detection with RETRAM (as Recognition and TRAjectories of Meteors) which is a group of amateurs joined to make experiments around meteor detection and its trajectory using radio signals thru passive radar techniques.
Edward Majden from Canada

Postal address: 1491 Burgess Road, Courtenay, BC V9N 5R8, Canada
Email: epmajden - at - shaw.ca
Homepage Edward Majden: http://members.shaw.ca/epmajden/
Occupation: Retired RCAF/CAF Radar Systems Tech
    Meteor Spectroscopy
Mirjana Malaric from Croatia

Postal address: Poljanicki prilaz 12, 10040 Zagreb, Croatia
Email: mirjana.malaric - at - gmail.com
Grigoris Maravelias from Greece

Postal address: 112, Gianni Ritsou, PO Box 108, 71500, Lofoupoli, Irakleo, Crete, Greece
Email: gr.maravelias - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Ph.D. Student
    Visual, Analysis
Antonio Martinez from Belgium

Postal address: Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van Belgie, Ringlaan 3, B-1180 Brussel, Belgium
Email: antoniomartinezp - at - yahoo.com
Occupation: ITSM Consultant
    Interested in visual and radio observations.
Paul Martsching from United States

Postal address: 209 S Oak Apt 122, Ames IA 50010-6949, United States
Email: pwmothman70 - at - mediacombb.net
Occupation: retired
    visual observation
Alastair McBeath from United Kingdom

Postal address: 12A Priors Walk, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 2RF, United Kingdom
Email: mcbal.gwyvre - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Administrator
    Theoretical and practical astronomy, cartography, chief interest in visual observations, interested in the eye's perception of color and motion, physics, literature and education.
Koen Miskotte from Netherlands

Postal address: De la Reystraat 92, 3851 BK Ermelo, Netherlands
Email: k.miskotte - at - upcmail.nl
Occupation: Confectioner
    Visual observer and photographer, working in Holland and in Southern France, active since 1978. Other hobbies: music (hard rock). Founding member since 1988.
Sirko Molau from Germany

Postal address: Abenstalstr. 13b, 84072 Seysdorf, Germany
Email: sirko - at - molau.de
Homepage Sirko Molau: http://www.molau.de
Occupation: Computer scientist
    Visual and video meteor observer, also interested in all types of atmospheric phenomena. Specialized in computer-based observations, CCD and video technologies. Video Commission Director of IMO, member of the board of the AK Meteore, Germany.
Manuel Moreno Ibáñez from Spain

Postal address: García de Paredes 25, 2C, E-28010 Madrid, Spain
Email: manuel.morenoibanez - at - gmail.com
Lorenzo G. Morillas Sánchez from Spain

Postal address: Calle Extremadura 8 - 6º D , 23009 Jaén, Spain
Email: lorenzomorillas007 - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Secondary School Teacher
Netzer Moriya from Israel

Postal address: siOnet Ltd., POB 1483, Ramat Hasharon 47113, Israel
Email: netzer - at - moriya.co.il
Occupation: Physicist, CEO of siOnet Ltd.
    Observation and photography of sporadic and Meteor showers
Michael Morris from United Kingdom

Postal address: 49, Penbury Street, Worcester WR3 7JD, United Kingdom
Email: michaelmorris4 - at - hotmail.com
    Video meteor astronomy
Muhamed Muminovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Postal address: Astronomical Society Orion Sarajevo, M.Tita 12, BH-71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Email: muhamed_muminovic - at - yahoo.co.uk
Homepage Muhamed Muminovic: http://www.adorion.ba
Occupation: Astronomer in Federal hydrometeorological Institut
    In Astronomical Society Orion I started together with my colleges on establishing of Bosnia-Herzegovina meteor network. Up to now, we have five video cameras in full operation. Up to now, in first phase of network establishing we have few thousand orbits up to now. We will continue with new stations.
Edmond Murad from United States

Postal address: 20 Kenrick Terrace, Newton, MA 02458-2419, United States
Email: emurad - at - verizon.net
Occupation: Chemist
Andrey Murtazov from Russian Federation

Postal address: Ryazan State University, 46, Svobody St., 390000, Ryazan, Russian Federation
Email: a.murtazov - at - rsu.edu.ru
Occupation: Astronomer
    Near-Earth space meteor pollution and problems of space ecology
Marc Neijts from Netherlands

Postal address: Krokusvallei 3, NL-5237 LL 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Email: marc - at - meteoren.eu
Occupation: Civil servant, Coach & consultant social security
    Radio observations. Contributes to the Dutch radio forward scatter station "Ramos". Working on ways to improve data gathering with the goal of getting more out of the radio observations than just counts. Occasional visual and photographic observer.
Jos Nijland from Netherlands

Postal address: Dr de Vriesstraat 32, NL-1654 JV Benningbroek, Netherlands
Email: j.nijland - at - kpnplanet.nl
Occupation: Civil (electronic-)Servant of Medemblik
    Visual and photographic meteor observer. Member of the Dutch Meteor Society (www.dmsweb.org) and St. J.C. van der Meulen (www.jcvandermeulen.org).
Mirko Nitschke from Germany

Postal address: Alträcknitz 9, 01217 Dresden, Germany
Email: mirko.nitschke - at - web.de
Homepage Mirko Nitschke: http://www.ipfdd.de/people/nitschke/homepage.html
Occupation: Physicist
    Meteor observer, interested in image processing software and video observations.
Nagatoshi Nogami from Japan

Postal address: 4-13-22 Sakamoto Ohtsu, Shiga 520-0113, Japan
Email: nogamin - at - sc.sumitomo-chem.co.jp
Occupation: Company employee
    Interested in ancient records of visual observations.
Filip Novoselnik from Croatia

Postal address: Josipa Kozarca 20, HR-31551 Belisce, Croatia
Email: novoselnikf - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Student
    Croatian Meteor Network (video) - recording and analysis
Francisco Ocaña González from Spain

Postal address: C/ Arquitectura, 7 2ºG, 28005 Madrid, Spain
Email: albireo3000 - at - gmail.com
Homepage Francisco Ocaña González: http://guaix.fis.ucm.es/fireball
Occupation: Astrophysicist
    Visual and video observations. Fireball atmospheric's dynamics, meteor spectroscopy, orbit determination, meteorite recovering, instrumentation, and artificial objeta reentries. SOMYCE's director of the Fireball Commission. Universidad Complutense de Madrid UCM Fireball Patrol
Michael OConnell from Ireland

Postal address: I87 Astroshot Observatory, 39 Ros Glas Avenue, Monasterevin, Kildare, Ireland
Email: michael - at - astroshot.com
Homepage Michael OConnell: www.astroshot.com
David Oesper from United States

Postal address: 106 N. Virginia Terrace, Dodgeville, WI 53533-1462, United States
Email: oesper - at - mac.com
Homepage David Oesper: http://skythisweek.info
Occupation: SAS programmer
    visual observations of meteor showers
Hiroshi Ogawa from Japan

Postal address: Sakashita 3-12-12-502, Itabashi,, Tokyo, 174-0043,, Japan
Email: h-ogawa - at - amro-net.jp
Homepage Hiroshi Ogawa: http://www.amro-net.jp
Occupation: Company employee
    I have special interest in Radio Meteor Observation. Using worldwide data, I analyze the active profile of meteor showers without radiant and weather problem.
Sadao Okamoto from Japan

Postal address: 1-44 Chaenn, Asada Chou, Nisshin Cty,, Aichi Pre., 470-0124 , Japan
Email: a9a5yr - at - bma.biglobe.ne.jp
Dragana Okolic from Netherlands

Postal address: Korte Jufferstraat 3, 3512 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
Email: dragana_okolic - at - yahoo.com
Dimitrie Olenici from Romania

Postal address: Horodnic de Jos Nr 491, Cod. 727301, Romania
Email: dimitrieolenici - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Retired teacher
    Visual observations
Michael Otte from United States

Postal address: 5001 South Koch Rd, Pearl City, IL 61062, United States
Email: mike.otte96 - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Retired Automation Engineer
    Interested in Radio meteors , Video observations, and asteroid occultations. I have been keeping a forward scatter station running for a several years (rmob.org) and a video station using Sirko's Metrec program. Goals are to improve my data, build a forward scatter "station in a box" using a microcontroller, build an observatory building with a remote controlled telescope.
Dušan Pavlović from Serbia

Postal address: Petnica Meteor Group, Antifašističke borbe 39/3, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
Email: dusan.pavlovicc - at - gmail.com
Joseph Pedroncelli from United States

Postal address: 3869 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Apt. # 1608, Albuquerque, NM 87109, United States
Occupation: Retired
    Member of the Albuquerque Astronomical Society. Interested in visual observations and photography.
Vincent Perlerin from France

Postal address: 16, rue Georges Bernanos, F-51100 Reims, France
Email: vperlerin - at - gmail.com
Chris Peterson from United States

Postal address: Cloudbait Observatory, 1925 Tess Trace, Guffey, Colorado 80820, United States
Email: clp - at - alumni.caltech.edu
Homepage Chris Peterson: www.cloudbait.com
Occupation: Physicist
    All sky video monitoring of showers and sporadic meteors. Orbital analysis. Atmospheric dynamics of meteors. Analysis of large data sets. Meteor and general astronomy education.

Postal address: 7 RUE DE LA HUCHETTE, 91600 SAVIGNY SUR ORGE, France
Email: chris.pierre - at - bbox.fr
Occupation: Teacher (Optics)
    Visual and spectroscopy
Roman Piffl from Slovakia

Postal address: astrofoto.sk, Azalková 28, 90042 Dunajska Luzna, Slovakia
Email: ceres - at - global.sk
Homepage Roman Piffl: www.astrofoto.sk, fireball.sk
Occupation: art director, amateur astronomer
    video and CCD meteors
Jean Marie Polard from France

Postal address: 2 Guermarquer, F-22140 Pluzunet, France
Email: jm.polard - at - kermaz.com
Occupation: radio astronomy, meteor echoes
    since 1973 I listen to the meteor echoes, and I do radio astronomy
Tim Polfliet from Belgium

Postal address: Schipperskaai 13, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
Email: tim_polfliet - at - hotmail.com
Vladimir Porubcan from Slovakia

Postal address: Astronomical Institute SAV, Dubravská cesta 9, SK-84228 Bratislava, Slovakia
Email: astropor - at - savba.sk
Occupation: Astronomer, Research Scientist
Alex Pratt from United Kingdom

Postal address: 76 Latchmere View, Leeds LS16 5DT, United Kingdom
Email: arp - at - nemetode.org
Homepage Alex Pratt: www.nemetode.org
    Co-founder of NEMETODE (Network for Meteor Triangulation and Orbit Determination), a network of video cameras in the United Kingdom and Ireland monitoring meteor activity. Estimating radiant positions, meteor heights, velocities and orbital data.
Rok Pucer from Slovenia

Postal address: Nova vas nad Dragonjo 60a, 6333 Secovlje, Slovenia
Email: rpucer - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Student
    Visual, photographic and video observations.
Richard Pucillo from United States

Postal address: 1618 Via Undoso, Santa Maria, CA 93454, United States
Truta Raul - Cosmin from Romania

Postal address: Astroclubul Quasar, Str. Intrarea Zorelelor Nr. 9A Sc. A ap. 2, 420118 Bistrita, Romania
Email: rat_66_2000 - at - yahoo.co.uk
Occupation: Teacher
    Visual observer since 1999. Currently operating a video meteor station in ROVIMEN network.
Jean-Louis Rault from France

Postal address: Société Astronomique de France, 16, rue de la Vallée, 91360 EPINAY SUR ORGE, France
Email: f6agr - at - orange.fr
Occupation: Retired Programme Manager at THALES Company
    President of the radioastronomy commission of the Société Astronomique de France. IMO Radio Commission Officer. Interested in the radio phenomenons related to meteors (from VLF to VHF)
Guillermo Enrique Rego Canedo from Spain

Postal address: Avenida Europa Nº 7, bajo, E-33010 Colloto, Asturias, Spain
Email: guillermorego - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Self Employed
    Interested in visual and telescopic observing.
Juergen Rendtel from Germany

Postal address: Eschenweg 16,, D-14476 Potsdam, Germany
Email: jrendtel - at - aip.de
Homepage Juergen Rendtel: http://www.aip.de/Members/jrendtel
Occupation: Physicist
    Visual observer and photographer interested in mathematics and physics, reading, literature. Special interest in the analysis of meteor shower observations and long term shower evolution. IMO President 1989-2014.
Ina Rendtel from Germany

Postal address: Mehlbeerenweg 5, 14469 Potsdam, Germany
Email: ina.rendtel - at - meteoros.de
Occupation: Teacher
    visual observations
Philip Roberts from United States

Postal address: Halstead Rd. 8508, Richmond, VA 23235, United States
Email: philroberts - at - verizon.net
Occupation: Lawyer
    Visual observer and photographer, interested in literature.
Tom Roelandts from Belgium

Postal address: Rouwleegd 45, B-2340 Beerse, Belgium
Email: tom.roelandts - at - gmail.com
Homepage Tom Roelandts: http://tomroelandts.com
    Interested in visual and radio observations
Paul Roggemans from Belgium

Postal address: Pijnboomstraat 25, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium
Email: paul.roggemans - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Programmer
    - Regular and very active visual meteor observer 1975-1998. - Occasional meteor photographer 1981-1993. - Director VVS Meteor Section 1978-1987. - Editor WGN 1978-1986: upgraded WGN from a local Dutch newsletter into an international bimonthly journal in English. - Created a worldwide network of meteor correspondents from 1976 onwards; these contacts were formalized with the founding of IMO in 1988. - Involved in the planning of the very first International meteor weekends end 1978, organizer of the IMC's in 1982, 1986 and 1993, participant at most of the IMC's since the beginning. - Author of the Visual Handbook (ed.1982), rewritten edition 1987 in English and the Sky Publishing Corp. edition in 1989. - Author of many meteor articles. - Author of the Bibliographic Catalogue (1987) and creator of the Meteor Library database in 1988 (over 10.000 articles since 1793). - Editor and Co-editor of several IMC Proceedings. - Created the Visual Meteor DataBase (VMDB) in June 1988, running this in 1988 and 1989, doing the first meteor shower analyses. - Founding member of IMO, Secretary General 1988-1997, interim treasurer Oct.1989-May 1990. Honorary member since 1998.
Terrence Ross from United States

Postal address: P.O.Box 1897, Alpine, Texas 79831-1897, United States
Email: terrencedross - at - bigbend.net
Occupation: Retired Tool & Die Maker
    Visual and photographic.
Galina Ryabova from Russian Federation

Postal address: Tomsk State Univ., Inst. Applied Math. Mech., pr. Lenina 36, RU-634050 Tomsk, Russian Federation
Email: ryabova - at - niipmm.tsu.ru
Occupation: Astronomer
    Mathematical modeling of meteor stream formation and evolution, and bibliographic work. Also interested in photography and fragrances.
Mario Sandri from Italy

Postal address: via Delle Maddalene, 32, 38028 Revò (TN), Italy
Email: mario.sandri - at - katamail.com
Homepage Mario Sandri: http://www.mariosandri.it
Occupation: Teacher
    I'm the scientific responsible of the meteor section of the Italian Amateur Radio Astronomy Group and of the Amatorial Radioastronomy Research Group of Trentino. My interestings are about radio meteor and I study in particular the Lyrids meteor shower.
Mirco Saner from Switzerland

Postal address: Moosstrasse 151, 4715 Herbetswil, Switzerland
Email: mirco.saner - at - zhaw.ch
Homepage Mirco Saner: www.agsol.ch
Occupation: Media researcher
António Saraiva from Portugal

Postal address: Rua Aquilino Ribeiro,23 1º dto, 2790-028 Carnaxide, Portugal
Email: carlos.saraiva - at - netcabo.pt
Occupation: Retired
Teodora Savić Popović from Serbia

Postal address: Subotica, 24000, Dušana Petrovića, 9, Serbia
Email: savte.popte - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Student
    Visual observations
Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel from Spain

Postal address: c/ Mar Adriatico 3, E-28221 Majadahonda, Spain
Email: marc.gyssens - at - uhasselt.be
Jonas Schenker from Switzerland

Postal address: Ruetiweg 6, 5036 Oberentfelden, Switzerland
Email: jonas.schenker - at - sunrise.ch
Homepage Jonas Schenker: http://www.extrasolar.ch
Occupation: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    Visual, photographic and video observations of meteor showers. Visual and photographic observations of asteroids, comets and sun spots. Collection of Meteorites.
Hans-Georg Schmidt from Germany

Postal address: Dr.-Mach-Str. 111, 85540 Haar, Germany
Email: ngc1023.hgs - at - web.de
Occupation: Air traffic controller (retired)
    Visual observer
Hans Schremmer from Germany

Postal address: Schmutzersweg 23, 41372 Niederkrüchten, Germany
Email: imo - at - schremmer.de
Homepage Hans Schremmer: http://www.schremmer.de
Occupation: Physicist
    Video recording of meteors. At times, radio monitoring.
Damir Segon from Croatia

Postal address: J. Rakovca 3, 52100 Pula, Croatia
Email: damir.segon - at - pu.t-com.hr
Aswin Sekhar from Norway

Postal address: Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), University of Oslo,, Postbox 1028 Blindern,, N-0315 Oslo, Norway
Email: aswinsek - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Post Doctoral Fellow
    I am presently doing research in the field of solar system dynamics.
Yoshihiko Shigeno from Japan

Postal address: Meteor Science Seminar, 5-6 Kizuki-Sumiyoshi, Kawasaki City, 211-0021, Japan
Email: yos - at - msswg.net
Occupation: System engineer
    Meteor TV observation and orbit calculation
Masumi Shimizu from Japan

Postal address: 83-1-507, Minegishi, Nishi,, Saitama, Saitama 331-0075, Japan
Email: masumi - at - muf.biglobe.ne.jp
Occupation: Company employee
    Interested in meteors and meteorites.
Chikara Shimoda from Japan

Postal address: 178 Hario Asahi-mura Higashichikuma-gun, Nagano 390-1103, Japan
Email: c-shimo - at - cnet.ne.jp
Alan Shuttleworth from United Kingdom

Postal address: 3 Woodside Walk, Honiton. EX14 1QP, United Kingdom
Email: ashuttleworth - at - yahoo.com
Jane Sibley from United States

Postal address: Independent Scholar, P.O. Box 123, Haddam, CT 06438-0123, United States
Email: jrsibley - at - snet.net
Occupation: Self-Employed:Writer, Lecturer, Teacher
    Meteorites in folklore, folk medicine, divination, religion, superstition etc.
Ivica Skokic from Croatia

Postal address: D. Cesarica 13, HR-31550 Valpovo, Croatia
Email: ivica.skokic - at - gmail.com
Stane Slavec from Slovenia

Postal address: Kajakaska c. 39, 1133 Ljubljana Brod, Slovenia
Email: stane.slavec - at - gmail.com
Occupation: retired food technology ing.
John Smart from United Kingdom

Postal address: 69 Laburnum Road, Methil, Fife, KY8 2HB, United Kingdom
Email: smaj460 - at - aol.com
Occupation: Retired Town Planner
    Naked eye and video observation.
Andrew Smith from United Kingdom

Postal address: 25 STATION ROAD, Delamere CW8 2HU, United Kingdom
Email: andrew.j.smith1905 - at - btinternet.com
Occupation: Retired
    Setting up a spectroscopy system.
Walter Soto from Australia

Postal address: 3 Philip Drive, Sunbury , Victoria 3429, Australia
Email: w.soto - at - me.com
Occupation: Government - Public Service
    Faint magnitude meteor activity, as well as general observation.
Ulrich Sperberg from Germany

Postal address: Südbockhorn 59, 29410 Salzwedel, Germany
Email: ulrich.sperberg - at - t-online.de
Occupation: Chemist
    Visual observer and photographer, special interest in meteor colors.
Roger Spinner from Switzerland

Postal address: Le Piamenat 6, 2828 Montsevelier, Switzerland
Email: roger.spinner - at - ogvt.org
Homepage Roger Spinner: www.ogvt.org
William Stewart from United Kingdom

Postal address: West View Cottage, Swanley Lane, Ravensmoor, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 8PZ, United Kingdom
Email: scastro.stewart - at - googlemail.com
    Operate three cameras for meteor detection on behalf of NEMETODE, the Network for Meteor Triangulation and Orbit Determination (www.nemetode.org), a network based in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
Peter Stewart from United Kingdom

Postal address: 8 Barleywood Mill, Lisburn, BT28 3RZ, United Kingdom
Email: peter.stewart40 - at - btinternet.com
Christian Steyaert from Belgium

Postal address: Kruisven 66, B-2400 Mol, Belgium
Email: steyaert - at - vvs.be
Occupation: Master science engineer
    Radio observations, interested in mathematics, physics, computers, and software.
Enrico Stomeo from Italy

Postal address: via Umbria 21/d, I-30037 Scorze (VE), Italy
Email: stom - at - iol.it
Homepage Enrico Stomeo: http://www.meteorstar.net
Occupation: Architect
    Visual, photographic, and video-ccd observer, interseted in computers and literature. other webpage.
Paul Sutherland from United Kingdom

Postal address: 29B The Beach, Walmer, CT14 7HJ, United Kingdom
Email: paul.sutherland - at - gmail.com
Casper ter Kuile from Netherlands

Postal address: Akker 145, NL-3732 XD De Bilt, Netherlands
Email: casper.ter.kuile - at - xs4all.nl
Homepage Casper ter Kuile: http://www.dmsweb.org
Occupation: IT-specialist at Nat. Inst. Publ. Health & Env.
    Photographer (SLR 50mm, wide angle and reduction), interested in mathematics, (meteor orbits, simulation), computers and software. Video observations. Council Member 1989. Member of the Dutch Meteor Society and Meteor Section of the Royal Dutch Association for Meteorology and Astronomy
Alexandra Terentjeva from Russian Federation

Postal address: Institute of Astronomy of the RAS, Pyatnitskaya St.,48, Moscow, 119017, Russia, Russian Federation
Email: ater - at - inasan.ru
Occupation: astronomer
    Meteor and fireball streams; evolution of meteor orbits and radiants; interrelation of minor bodies of the Solar system.
Giancarlo Tomezzoli from Germany

Postal address: European Patent Office, Bayerstrasse 34, D-80335 München, Germany
Email: gtomezzoli - at - epo.org
Occupation: European Patent Examiner
    Radio observation
Juraj Toth from Slovakia

Postal address: Comenius University in Bratislava, FMFI, Mlynska dolina, 84248 Bratislava, Slovakia
Email: toth - at - fmph.uniba.sk
Homepage Juraj Toth: http://www.daa.fmph.uniba.sk/toth_en.html
Occupation: astronomer
    video observations, ...
Mihaela Triglav-Cekada from Slovenia

Postal address: Streliska 9, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Email: mtriglav - at - yahoo.com
Occupation: Geodesy research
    Visual observer interested in analysis of meteor radiants from plotted and video meteors.

Postal address: retired, 149 SOMERVILLE ROAD, HORNSBY HEIGHTS, , NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia
Email: e.trimingham - at - optusnet.com.au
Occupation: RETIRED
Alexandru Tudorica from Germany

Postal address: Argelander Institute for Astronomy, Auf dem Huegel 71, Zimmer 2.025, D-53121 Bonn, Germany
Email: alex.tudorica - at - gmail.com
Homepage Alexandru Tudorica: http://www.timelessphotons.blogspot.com/
Occupation: PhD student in Astrophysics
    Interested in amateur astronomy and photography. In the field of meteors, my interests are related to the video method of observing and to meteor spectra, with the goal of starting a video network over Romania as a common effort of a few amateur astronomers and obtaining good meteor spectra. Professionally, I work with the weak gravitational lensing magnification effect to constrain the dark energy equation of state, calibrate with an independent method the scaling relations of galaxy clusters and complement the weak lensing shear measurements.
Arnold Tukkers from Netherlands

Postal address: Th. v.d. Borchstraat 9, NL-7591 TT Denekamp, Netherlands
Email: a.tukkers - at - kpnmail.nl
Homepage Arnold Tukkers: http://www.sterrenkids.nl/content.php?content.93
Occupation: educational employee on the Cosmos Observatory
    I have special interest in visual observations. Owner of a very special website for kids called Sterrenkids.
Shigeo Uchiyama from Japan

Postal address: 453 Kashiwa, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken 277-0005, Japan
Email: uchiyama - at - nms.gr.jp
Occupation: High School Teacher
    I have special interest in visual observations (shower activity and population index) and video observations (magnitude distribution and population index). Activities include visual observations and analysis of visual observations.
Satoshi Uehara from Japan

Postal address: 7-34-26 Toyosato, Higashiyodogawa Osaka, Japan
Email: s-damian - at - mte.biglobe.ne.jp
Occupation: Engineer
    Video meteor observation
Erwin van Ballegoij from Netherlands

Postal address: De Rogge 6, NL-5384 XD Heesch, Netherlands
Email: vloetbal - at - home.nl
Occupation: Teacher of chemistry
    Visual observer, also interested in variable stars and occultations.
Anne van Weerden from Netherlands

Postal address: St.-Maartendreef 282, NL-3564 TJ Utrecht, Netherlands
Email: anne - at - vanweerden.nl
Occupation: physics student / information specialist
Hugo van Woerden from Netherlands

Postal address: Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Postbus 800, NL-9700AV Groningen, Netherlands
Email: hugo - at - astro.rug.nl
Michel Vandeputte from Belgium

Postal address: Cachette Pierrette 78, 9600 Ronse, Belgium
Email: michelvandeputte - at - hotmail.com
Jeremie Vaubaillon from France

Postal address: IMCCE/CALTECH, 77, Avenue Denfert-Rocherau, F-75014 Paris, France
Email: vaubaill - at - imcce.fr
Homepage Jeremie Vaubaillon: http://www.imcce.fr/~vaubaill/
Occupation: Astronomer
    Dynamics of meteoroids in the Solar System
Frank Veldhuijsen from Netherlands

Postal address: Westlandstraat 9, 6137 KE Sittard, Netherlands
Email: pa4eme - at - pa4eme.nl
Homepage Frank Veldhuijsen: www.pa4eme.nl
Occupation: Businessman
    Radio observations, radio echo theory, forward-scatter from meteor trails, study of meteoric contribution to E-region ionisation.
Valentin Velkov from Bulgaria

Postal address: Astr. Obs. and Planetarium, P.O.Box 120, BG-9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Email: valdvelkov - at - gmail.com
Homepage Valentin Velkov: Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/valentin.velk
Occupation: Ex-astronomer in public observatory
    Visual meteor observations, Astronomy, History
Cis Verbeeck from Belgium

Postal address: Bogaertsheide 5, B-2560 Kessel, Belgium
Email: cis.verbeeck - at - scarlet.be
Homepage Cis Verbeeck: http://tine-en-cis.blogspot.com
Occupation: Mathematician
    Visual and radio observer. Interested in mathematics, physics, and literature. Member of the public observatory Urania.
Felix Verbelen from Belgium

Postal address: Bosstraat 9, B-1910 Kampenhout, Belgium
Email: felix.verbelen - at - skynet.be
Occupation: industrial fire surveyor, now retired
    radioastronomy (meteors, sun), spectroscopy, ancient astronomy
Jan Verbert from Belgium

Postal address: Bosduiflaan 7, B-2540 Hove, Belgium
Email: jver - at - urania.be
Occupation: Mathematician, insurances
    Coordinator for the meteor section of the observatory of Antwerp, regular visual observations
Denis Vida from Croatia

Postal address: Vijenac Hrvatske Republike 10, HR-31550 Valpovo, Croatia
Email: delorayn1 - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Student
    Working on a software development in Croatian Meteor Network
Bill Ward from United Kingdom

Postal address: Glasgow University, School of Engineering, Rankine Building, Oakfield Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LT, Scotland, United Kingdom
Email: William.Ward - at - glasgow.ac.uk
Homepage Bill Ward: See under "Interests"
Robert Warren from United States

Postal address: 61733 Locust Road, South Bend, IN 46614-9786, United States
Email: cometman_75 - at - hotmail.com
    comets, asteroids, and planetary impacts
Thomas Weiland from Austria

Postal address: Ospelgasse 12-14/6/19, A-1200 Wien, Austria
Email: thomas.weiland - at - aon.at
Occupation: Geologist, Paleontologist
    Visual observer. Other interests in astronomy include eclipses, transits, occultations, comets, archeastronomy and old celestial maps and globes.
Robert Weryk from United States

Postal address: Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, 2680 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, United States
Email: weryk - at - meteor.uwo.ca
Occupation: meteor researcher
    I am interested in backscatter radar and image-intensified studies of meteors.
Thomas White from United States

Postal address: 21 Arline Dr. , Centralia,IL. 62801-4405, United States
Email: soar134 - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Operations Staff, Kaskaskia College Centralia,IL
    Mainly involved in Radio Meteor Observing. Also have interests in Radio Astronomy and various aspects of Observational Astronomy. Member-Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (USA)
Ian Williams from United Kingdom

Postal address: 36 Telford Road, Coton Green, Tamworth, Staffs. B79 8EY, United Kingdom
Email: ian - at - astromanian.co.uk
Occupation: Electronic Security Installer
    Videometeorography. (NEMETODE) Meteor detection using radio (GRAVES etc)
Earl Wilson from United States

Postal address: PO Box 830, Lone Pine, CA 93545, United States
Email: zearl.email - at - gmail.com
Homepage Earl Wilson: None
Occupation: Hydrology Tech-remote sensing and data aquisition
    Meteors/fireballs, meteor stream dynamics, asteroids, comets, photographic/video data collection, geological evidence of impacts, archeoastronomy, computers/database processing. Sentinel Fireball/All Sky Network - maintain three locations in California. Member of SAS, IOTA, SETI, Planetary Society. President - China Lake Astronomical Society. Treasurer - Western Amateur Astronomers.
Roland Winkler from Germany

Postal address: Brunhildestrasse 74, D-14542 Werder (Havel), Germany
Email: roland-winkler - at - t-online.de
Occupation: Assistant Meteorologist
    Visual observer.
Mariusz Wisniewski from Poland

Postal address: Afrykanska 10/8, PL-03-966 Warszawa, Poland
Email: marand.w - at - gmail.com
Ireneusz Wlodarczyk from Poland

Postal address: ul. Powstancow Wlkp. 34, 63-708 Rozdrazew, Poland
Email: astrobit - at - ka.onet.pl
Occupation: astronomer
Jeff Wood from Australia

Postal address: 4 St Kilda Road, Rivervale WA 6103, Australia
Email: rvball1 - at - hotmail.com
Occupation: Teacher
    Meteors-visual, telescopic and photographic observations, the mathematics and physics of meteors, meteor literature, and fireballs.
Masayuki Yamamoto from Japan

Postal address: Kochi University of Technology, 185 Miyanokuchi, Tosayamada-cho, Kami,, Kochi 782-8502, Japan
Email: yamamoto.masa-yuki - at - kochi-tech.ac.jp
Homepage Masayuki Yamamoto: http://www.ele.kochi-tech.ac.jp/masayuki/
    Interaction between meteors and upper atmosphere
Shin-ichirou Yanagi from Japan

Postal address: 897-20 Oufusa Koshigaya-shi,, Saitama 343-0027, Japan
Email: kumagolo - at - bk.iij4u.or.jp
Quanzhi Ye from Canada

Postal address: The University of Western Ontario, Physics and Astronomy Building, 1151 Richmond St, London, N6A 3K7 ON, Canada
Email: qye22 - at - uwo.ca
Homepage Quanzhi Ye: http://meteor.uwo.ca/~quanzhi
Joel Younger from Australia

Postal address: ATRAD Pty Ltd, 20 Phillips St, Thebarton, SA 5031, Australia
Email: jyounger - at - atrad.com.au
Occupation: Physicist
    Radar observations (shower detection, atmospheric measurements)
Joe Zender from Netherlands

Postal address: ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, NL-2200 AG Noordwijk, Netherlands
Email: joe.zender - at - esa.int
Homepage Joe Zender: http://sci.esa.int/home/
Occupation: Scientific Satellite Operations Engineer and Coord
    Video observations, spectral observations, data analysis
Pavel Zigo from Slovakia

Postal address: Hrnciarka 14, SK - 90001 Modra, Slovakia
Email: zigo - at - fmph.uniba.sk
Peter Zimnikoval from Slovakia

Postal address: Tatranska 6, SK-97400 Bansk Bystrica, Slovakia
Email: zimnikoval - at - gmail.com
Occupation: Public astronomer
    Visual and telescopic observer, all-sky photography.
Dario Zubović from Croatia

Postal address: Krsiniceva 12, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Email: dzubovic - at - aad.hr